Department of Student Group Affairs

Michaela Torres is a Senior at UAlbany majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Business and Theatre. Michaela has been involved with the Student Association since her Freshman year and she is thrilled to be this year’s Student Group Affairs Director. Michaela is very excited to work with the E-Board members of SA recognized groups on campus.

Michaela has spent her last three years taking advantage of everything that UAlbany has to offer. As a freshman, Michaela joined the Student Association as an intern as well as joined 8 student groups, including Musical Theatre Association, the Pre-Dental Club, Liga Filipina, and the Sketchy Characters. For the past 2 years, she’s served as the Student Advocate for the Student Association, assisting students who were tangled up with the judicial process on and off campus. She has also moved up to be an E-Board member for the clubs she joined as a freshman. She’s now President and Director for the Musical Theatre Association and Vice President for the Theatre Council. She is also one of the proud founding members of UAlbany’s Co-Ed A Cappella group, Pitch Please which was founded in Spring of 2013. Michaela also remains a member of the Campus Programming Board, Project SHAPE, Sketchy Characters, Pre-Dental Club, Liga Filipina and she is the leader of the UAlbany Spirit Street Team.

Michaela learned all of her leadership skills from being attending the Emerging Student Leaders Program in Fall of 2011 as a freshman. Now, she serves not only as a mentor for the ESLP, but she also tries to help everyone that she can be a better student leader and stand out in such a big university. She believes that involvement on campus outside of academics is a very important in order to have a successful college experience.

This year, Michaela hopes to be in close contact with all of the student groups. She wants to ensure that each group can achieve their goals for this year. She also wants to ease the process of forming a new student group on campus, as well as maintaining a membership for each group. Her main goals are to keep all 250+ groups on campus organized, to have as much attendance as possible at all events, and to make sure that all groups are getting the support that they need in order to have a successful year.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact her or set up an appointment!

Michaela Torres
Director of Student Group Affairs