Department of Gender and Sexuality Concerns

Yanelis Martinez is a rising junior double majoring in Political Science and Latin American Studies with a minor in LGBT Studies. She became involved in Student Association in the past year by serving as the Associate Director of the Gender and Sexuality Concerns Department. While in this position, Yanelis took on many leadership roles and helped develop and organize some of its most successful events. She is also involved in the campus community at large by serving on the executive board of both the EOP Student Administrative Council and Sankofa Africa and also serves as a Staff Assistant at the Universities Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

In the upcoming year, Yanelis hopes to accomplish many things in her role as director, one of them being expanding campus involvement in Gender and Sexually Diverse programming. She wants to unite the marginalized communities by acknowledging their differences as individuals and using these differences to encourage and improve one another.

Please feel free to contact the gender and sexuality concerns department with any questions, comments, or concerns!

Yanelis Martinez
Director of Gender and Sexuality Concerns