Department of Dippikill Outreach

Allison Bliss is a junior at the University of Albany and majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in biology. Allison was involved in the Student Association for the last two years with the Department of Dippikill Outreach and served as director last year. Last year Allison assisted in changing the department to include environmental sustainability.

Allison grew up in the foothills of the Adirondack Park near Utica, NY, which has given her a great appreciation for nature. Dippikill is an 850-acre property in the Adirondacks owned by Albany's Student Association. She is excited to continue the promotion of this nature reserve and give many students the opportunity to experience Dippikill. Her goal is to have new student groups plan a trip and become aware of the excellent asset that the Student Association funds every year. She hopes that she can engage students to be more environmentally conscious and aid in sustainability and green practices around campus. Allison will be conducting office hours in the Student Association office throughout the year and would love to have students stop by to address any problems or questions!

Allison Bliss
Director of Dippikill Outreach