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Office of the Comptroller

Lee Stanton serves as the Director of Communications. Mr. Stanton has long been an advocate of the students. Having served as the Student Association Chief of Staff and Chief Financial Officer, Stanton knows that the students come first. Lee Stanton knows first hand, the struggles endured by student groups, and has developed methods of alleviating the stress from student group leadership. His commitment and influence in the University at Albany community is felt on and off campus.

A genuine trailblazer, Lee Stanton is creating the Communications Department from the ground up. Creating a new department, Stanton looks forward to improving outreach efforts for the Student Association in order to provide better, more responsive services. Stanton is excited to build on the already stellar relationships he has fostered with corporations and small businesses that can partner with the Student Association. Bridging gaps and bringing groups together has always been a point of pride for Lee, who was elected President of the Presidential Honor Society in the Spring of 2014.

Lee's first experience in media and public relations came during his tenure at George F. Baker High School, in Tuxedo, NY. He created the successful grassroots movement: Campaign to Remain: Greenwood Lakers for George F. Baker and organized residents, taxpayers, and students in order to save George F. Baker High School.. Stanton's efforts in local politics and his involvement with the Student Association are rooted in his unyielding desire to make his community, and the world, a better place.

Lee Stanton
Interim Comptroller