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Office of the Comptroller

Robert Warshauer is the Comptroller and Chief Financial officer of the University at Albany Student Association. He is a junior majoring in Informatics and minoring in Business Administration.

Rob is from Long Island, NY and has been a very active member of the Great Dane community. Rob worked his way up to being appointed Comptroller by working in various other roles in the Comptrollers Office, including Assistant and Deputy Comptroller, and working under two other Comptrollers to learn every last detail of the role. In addition to the Student Association, Rob is an active member of the Community Standards Conflict Hearing Board, as well as the School of Business Ernst & Young Trajectory program.

As Comptroller, Rob looks forwarded to working with ALL student groups, and ensuring the club spends their entire budget the way their club wants. In addition, Rob has decided to change several processes of the Comptrollers office to run the office better and smoothly, and lower complications to student groups. Some of these changes include, the eliminations of the paper credit card forms, changing the finance exam to an online version, allowing students to take it when and where they please, and opening several new payment options, such as a Purchase Order system with both Amazon and Wal-Mart. Rob is excited to begin his term as Comptroller with these new changes, and looks forwarded to student group's opinions on them.

Along With his Deputies, Nicolette Anzelone and Colin Manchester, Rob plans to have his door open whenever the Student Association door is open. Should you wish to meet with Rob, please either stop into the office (CC 116) and make an appointment, or e-mail him at

Robert Warshauer