Executive Assistant

Alondra Berroa will be the Executive Assistant to the President for the 2016-2017 academic year. Alondra is currently a sophomore at the university double majoring in Political Science and Cybersecurity. After she graduates, she wishes to attend law school where she will pursue corporate law. In the future, Alondra aspires to be able to open up her own law firm.

Starting her freshman year, Alondra wanted to be as involved as possible and took on many leadership roles. She was in charge of Public Relations and was the Program Coordinator for Residence Hall Association on Indian Quad. Alondra also had the opportunity of being a Wellness Center Assistant for Residential Life her second semester at the university.

Aside from being a part of Student Association, Alondra will also be working for the Residential Life department as a Resident Assistant on Indian Quad. She looks forward to be able to serve and work with such an amazingly diverse student body and hopes to have a prosperous, efficient and exciting academic year!

Alondra Berroa
Executive Assistant