Election Info

Student Association elections are held in the Spring and Fall of each year. The Executive Branch President and Vice President and Senators at Large, SUNY Assembly Representatives and University Council Representative are elected in the Spring. In the Fall, Living Area Senators are elected (Indian, State, Dutch, Colonial, Alumni, Empire Commons, Freedom Apartments, Liberty Terrace and off-campus).

To qualify to run in the elections, a student must fill out the appropriate forms, including the Self-Nomination form with the Election Commissioner and attend a Candidates Meeting. Campaigning usually starts a few days after the informational meeting.

Voting takes place for two days on MyUAlbany. To vote, 1.) Log onto MyUAlbany. 2.) Click 'Campus Life'. 3.) Click 'Student Elections'.

Fall 2013 Elections
Nominations for Senator are being accepted until 11:59PM on September 4th. The Self-Nomination form can be found on the SA Election Commission page on MyInvolvement under the "Forms" tab.

There is a MANDATORY Candidates meeting on September 6th at 5pm outside of the Student Association office (CC 116). Campaigning begins September 7th at 12am. The elections are September 11th and 12th.

The Fall Election process to fill currently vacant Student Association Senate seats for the 2013-14 academic year has begun! Open Senate seats include:

Senator-at-Large (1)
Business and Management Division (1)
Freedom Apartments (2)
Liberty Terrace Apartments (2)
Empire Commons Apartments (2)
Alumni Quad (2)
Indian Quad (2)
State Quad (2)
Colonial Quad (2) Dutch Quad (2)
Off-Campus (8)