Student Association Government Branches

The University at Albany Student Association, is the recognized undergraduate student government on campus which was officially established in 1923. Student Association exists in order to provide and foster opportunities beyond those offered in the formal curriculum. Student Association shall be representative of, and responsible to, all student activity fee paying students.

Student Association is funded by the student activity fee that students pay each semester. Student Association provides concerts, comedy shows, multicultural and gender programming,, funds more than 200+ student groups, organizations, Student Legal Services, and Camp Dippikill. In addition, Student Association represents the interests of the student body to the faculty, adminsitration, and government.

The Student Association works similar to the United States government, with three branches, an Executive Branch (or E-Board), Legislative branch (SA Senate), and a Judicial branch (SA Supreme Court). SA also has a psuedo branch in the Board of Finance. Lastly, the Student Association hires a number of staff that ensure that the day to day functions are accomplished.