Late Fee Appeals and Returned Check Policy

Late Fee Appeals

Late payment fees are assigned to students who have an outstanding balance that has not been paid by the due date listed on their most recent invoice.  Outstanding balances are equal to the total charges less any anticipated aid.  Late fees are posted four times each semester beginning in August for the Fall semester and January for the Spring semester.  A fee ranging from $2.55 to $50.00 is assigned each month for four consecutive months not to exceed a total of $200.00 for each semester.  A student may appeal a late fee via the protocol below.

How Students May Submit a Late Fee Appeal:

A Late Payment Fee appeal may be submitted via e-mail to
  • All late fee appeals for a given term must be submitted prior to the last day of classes for that term.
  • All requests must include the term in question, the dollar amount, the Student's ID number, and a short description of the circumstances surrounding the late fee.
  • A decision will be reached within two weeks of submission of a late fee appeal.
  • All communication will be sent to the student's e-mail address as well as any e-mail addresses which the student used to submit their appeal.

Returned Check Policy

The charge for a returned electronic payment (ACH Payment) or a returned check is $20. Items can be returned for a number of reasons: insufficient funds, incorrect account numbers or closed accounts. No matter the reason, the returned item charge is $20. Returned items must be redeemed with cash, a certified bank check, a postal money order, or a credit card. After two returned electronic payments or returned checks, Student Accounts reserves the right to restrict payment methods or access to online payment options. As a result, cash, certified bank checks or postal money orders will be the only means of payment.