Broad Based Fees

In accordance with State University of New York policy 7804 on Fees, Rentals and Other Charges, the University at Albany charges broad-based fees to all enrolled students to finance discrete activities that benefit the student body, excluding those activities that are part of the core instructional program. Broad-based Fees include but are not limited to the Comprehensive Service Fee (offering Health, Transportation and Technology Services), the Recreation and Campus Life Fee (formerly the Student Recreation Fee), Intercollegiate Athletics FeeUniversity Fee, and the Academic Excellence Fee. The charts in this section are based on 2014/2015 expenditures. 

Comprehensive Service Fee

The Comprehensive Service Fee provides registered students access to Health, Technology and Transportation services that promote the highest quality learning environment and academic life.   This fee is mandatory for all students unless those enrolled in the Overseas Academic Programs.

Health Component
The Health component of the Comprehensive Service Fee was instituted in the fall of 1991 by the SUNY Board of Trustees in an effort to provide student health services to SUNY campuses. Supported services now include student health care, counseling services, advocacy support for survivors of sexual violence, health promotion programs, and sexual health and sexuality education. At the University at Albany, services covered by the health component of the Comprehensive Service Fee are provided by three campus departments- the University Health Center (UHC), the University Counseling Center (UCC), and the Advocacy Center for Sexual Violence.

The University Health Center (UHC)
UHC serves all registered undergraduate and graduate students by providing a wide array of consistent, high quality primary care medical services throughout the calendar year. The UHC promotes good physical health and well-being that supports the success of our students and life-long healthy habits. Visits to the University Health Center are free to registered students. Some services require a small charge, such as in-house laboratory testing, medical equipment and immunizations.

Student Benefits/ Impact

  • Provides a range of services from prevention-focused education and on-going primary care to acute (urgent) medical care
  • Offers referrals to specialists as appropriate
  • Facilitates medical withdrawals from the University
  • Maintains a campus where the risk of threatening communicable disease is minimized consistent with the goals and objectives of the New York State Department of Health
  • Provides a skill set enabling conscientious use of medical services (primarily self-limited viral illnesses URI/gastroenteritis) fostering the mindset of a mature healthcare consumer
  • Assists with identifying appropriate individual health insurance plans for students
  • Guides campus departments regarding medical or health related issues as they pertain to the student environment
  • Educates students with regard to health related issues
  • Plays an integral role in campus-wide emergency planning as it relates to physical health
  • Provides travel advice
  • Administers immunizations

Student Access
Detailed information regarding University Health Center services is available at:

The University Counseling Center (UCC)
UCC assists registered undergraduate and graduate students in resolving personal issues and developing the emotional, intellectual and interpersonal skills to enhance academic success and personal well-being. The UCC offers a broad range of psychological services including counseling, prevention, and health promotion services that are culturally inclusive, accessible, and tailored to the evolving needs of our diverse student body. It also provides health promotion and prevention services to our campus and consultative and referral services to staff, faculty, and parents. All visits to the University Counseling Center are free to registered students.

Student Benefits/ Impact

  • Assists in developing coping skills regarding academics, career decisions, and personal concerns
  • Presents at Summer Planning Conference and in first year experience classes, residence halls and apartments, and to fraternities and sororities, student-athletes, cultural groups, and other audiences by request
  • Offers on-demand access  to Web based self-assessment, self-care and wellness information
  • Integrates  health related topics into academic curricula
  • Distributes campus-wide surveys to ensure that our services are responsive to student needs
  • Delivers “Theme” weeks and special programs such as Alcohol Awareness Week, World Suicide prevention Week, among others
  • Provides triage and emergency assistance to students in acute distress

Student Access
Detailed information regarding University Counseling Center services is available at:


Transportation Component

University Parking & Mass Transit Services provides transportation for 1.4 million riders per year with unlimited student access to bus services that operate 7 days a week across 204 different routes throughout the Capital Region. The UAlbany transit service system is designed to provide the University community with access to campus facilities, students with the ability to commute and visitors the opportunity to participate in University activities.

The transportation component of the Comprehensive Service Fee supports UAlbany transit service operations including the purchase, operation and maintenance of University mass transit vehicles, a universal service contract with the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) and regulatory requirements in a variety of commuter choices.

Student Benefits/ Impact

      • Unlimited use of UAlbany operated Transit and shuttle services
      • Unlimited access to CDTA bus services at no charge seven days a week on all routes
      • Inter campus transportation to facilitate student travel to and from classes, libraries, meetings and is available 7 days a week
      • Modern and safe transit vehicles equipped with transit style seating and windows, air conditioning, bike racks and wheelchair access
      • In support of UN Commitment to Sustainable Practices in Higher Education, UAlbany fleet includes 5 safer and sustainable electric-hybrid buses           
    Student Access
    Detailed information regarding campus-wide services, parking regulations, bus and shuttle schedules, directions and visitor parking is available at



Technology Component


Information Technology Services

University operations rely on the quality of Information Technology to ease communication between student and faculty, facilitate online course registration, deliver faster financial services, and increase student access to Information Technology resources. The Technology component of the Comprehensive Service Fee supports the technological needs of UAlbany students, faculty and staff by ensuring that the infrastructure, student systems and enterprise information system applications are in place to enhance the technology-facilitated learning experience.

Student Benefits/ Impact

      • University wide secure wireless Internet access and printing
      • Latest version of Blackboard Learning System and Blackboard Mobile App to increase access to learning and teaching tools
      • Growth of My UAlbany as a platform for students, faculty and staff to conduct University business
      • ITS Service Desk is available by phone, walk-in locations or through the online submission form to ensure quick response to diagnose and solve technology related issues
      • All UAlbany registrar-scheduled classrooms come equipped with state-of-the-art instructor consoles that support a variety of media and projection capability
      • Reliable data network with upgrades to bandwidth and wireless services
      • Construction of the UAlbany Cloud offers expanded data storage using virtualization technology as a means to replace and overhaul several campus servers
      • Transition to UAlbany Mail adds value to feature-rich email interface and the ability to schedule calendar appointments quickly and easily
      • Extension of virtual servers to desktops allows members of the campus community access to University-licensed software using a variety of networked devices

Student Access
Detailed information regarding Information Technology Service initiatives and support can be accessed at:

University Libraries

The University Libraries strengthen and enhance the teaching, research and service of the University at Albany by developing collections, facilitating access to information resources, teaching the effective use of information resources and critical evaluation skills and offering research assistance. 

The Technology component of the Comprehensive Service Fee supports the library technological needs of UAlbany students, faculty and staff by allowing implementation of innovative technologies and services to deliver information and scholarly resources conveniently to users anytime/anyplace.  The Comprehensive Service Fee also supports well-equipped and functional physical spaces where students can pursue independent learning and discovery outside the classroom. 

Student Benefits/ Impact

  • Circulation and interlibrary loan services supports the research and teaching needs of the University’s academic community by expanding a range of materials beyond the collections of the University Libraries.
  • The Libraries provide a total of 19 group study rooms for campus community use.  Each room is well-equipped with a PC, speakers, tables and chairs, and a whiteboard.
  • The Interactive Media Center assists the campus in web design, digital recording and editing, sophisticated image editing, and the creation of PDF files, among other activities.
  • Library photocopying and printing services are available to the campus community via the SUNYCard system.
  • The Library laptop lending service offers a total of twenty-eight laptops available for students, faculty, and staff use.
  • Libraries’ staff continuously seek to adopt emerging technologies and incorporate these to create more efficient and meaningful library services, and develop the staff skills with these technologies.
  • Recent upgrades to study and classroom space and new quiet space in all three libraries.

Student Access
Detailed information regarding University Libraries services and initiatives can be accessed at:




Recreation and Campus Life Fee (formerly known as the Student Recreation Fee)

Campus Recreation Component
Services covered by the Campus Recreation Fee are provided by the Office of Campus Recreation.  Established in 2010, Campus Recreation services include diverse, innovative, and stimulating programs such as Aquatics, Fitness & Wellness, Group Exercise, Outdoor Pursuits and Intramural Sports. Club Sports are also managed in partnership with the Student Association.  The Student Recreation Fee, along with other sponsorships, supports Campus Recreation activities as well as funds the administrative areas necessary to maintain the quality of programs offered.


Student Benefits/ Impact

  • Stimulates student recruitment and retention
  • Fosters leadership skills through participation in activities
  • Increases visibility and exposure to the UAlbany campus
  • Promotes interaction across a number of college campuses
  • Contributes to overall student health and well being
  • Offers student employment opportunities through internships and grad assistantships
  • Enhances exposure to professional development
  • Heightens sense of campus community and campus pride
  • Encourages student involvement opportunities promoting a good quality of campus life
  • Provides a platform for social interaction
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation
  • Enhances overall life skills

Student Access
For more information on the facilities, schedules, programs and staff, visit:


Campus Life Component


The Campus Life fee supports efforts to create the ideal collegiate co-curricular experience for students and the campus community while creating a vibrant campus environment with a variety of activities available for students on a daily basis. The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership provides oversight for this fee and strives to meet the multi-dimensional needs of students utilizing a University-wide programming model that is learning outcome driven to meet students where they are intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Programs supported by this fee include:

  • Daily programming in the Campus Center and in the living areas
  • Consistent small scale evening programs in a variety of locations simultaneously
  • Occasional large scale programming in a central campus location
  • Class year oriented programming - programs targeted to Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors
  • Niche programming for populations identified as in need of support
  • Enhanced or new initiatives sponsored by Departments to enrich the student experience across on of our four learning domains

In addition to general programming  a portion of the fee will go to support cultural events and leadership development offerings for our students, which in turn will improve the quality of campus life, and the quality of programming offered to students by student organizations.

The fee may support a variety of programs, including but not limited to:

Athletic Events - Albany: Provide transportation and discounted tickets to students at various Albany athletic events.

Athletic Events - Professional: Provide transportation and discounted tickets to students at various professional sporting events.

Bus Trips (Regional) - Arrange bus trips to take students on day trips to surrounding cities and attractions.

Campus Center Connections – Operating daily programs in the Campus Center.

Campus Traditions - Supports traditions such as: Candle lighting, Torch Night, Homecoming, Relay for Life, Clash of the Quads, etc.

Coffee House Open Mic - Provides an open microphone and a relaxed, welcoming space for artistic and cultural expression by our students.

Comedy Shows - Annual comedy show.

Cultural Programming – Increase diverse programming offered on campus.

Film Series – Films range from first-run to current blockbusters to classics, international, educational, and documentaries.

Involvement Record (Co-Curricular Transcript) - Support marketing the Pathways to Success program, which promotes involvement on campus.

Leadership Development – Increased workshops, conferences and programs for students.

Monthly Themed Events - Programming geared toward a monthly theme. (i.e. October - Halloween theme, December/May - stress down theme).

Opening Weekend - A series of programs and events held during Opening Weekend for our incoming students. Events can include performers, dance parties, game shows, etc.

Podium Series (weekly) - Free events that feature giveaways. The series serves to promote the University Programming Board and upcoming events while providing an engaging atmosphere on campus.

Programming Grants - Grants will be available to various entities on campus to help support their events.

Senior Week - Every Spring the Graduating Class will have events to celebrate their years at UAlbany and their upcoming commencement.

Speakers - Motivational/Leadership speakers will be brought to campus to speak with our students.

UAlbany Live - Concert Series bringing live bands to campus with music from national, regional and local artists.

Welcome Week - A series of campus-wide special events designed to celebrate the beginning of the academic year and welcome new students to the University.

Student Access

For more information visit:



Athletics Fee

In 1999, UAlbany began competing as an NCAA Division I program and joined the American East Conference in 2002. This partnership has expanded UAlbany athletics program to 19 varsity sports with approximately 500 male and female athletes competing at the Division I level. The Intercollegiate Athletics Fee supports the growth of a diverse academic environment that provides all university students with access to safe athletic and recreational facilities, encourages athletes to reach their full academic and athletic potential, while fostering a sense of community and campus pride.

Student Benefits/ Impact

  • Provides an equitable, balanced and broad-based athletics program for all student-athlete participants and the University at Albany Community.
  • Supports academic component of University by providing practicums, internships and graduate assistantships.
  • Strengthens campus recruitment and retention
  • Expands diversity to campus population
  • Delivers sense of community and campus pride
  • Promotes quality of student life
  • Provides entertainment options to the Capital Region and the University Community
  • Increases access to state-of-the-art recreational facilities that are functional, aesthetically consistent with other university facilities, safe and comfortable for student-athlete participants, staff, spectators and community users
  • Arranges scholarships for UAlbany athletes
  • Offers student-athletes opportunity to play a key role in community services for at-risk youth, non-profit agencies and public schools in the Capital Region
  • Supports the department’s ability to hire diverse and qualified staff of coaches and administrators to ensure achievement of student-athletes.
  • Indirect programmatic support includes travel, equipment, and supplies purchases pertaining to various Athletics operations.

Student Access
Detailed information regarding sports Athletics mission, sports offered and scheduling can be accessed at

University Fee

The University Fee provides supplemental support for the academic mission of the University. Mandatory for all students. Prior to Fall 2016, this Fee was non-refundable for course withdrawals bearing an official drop/withdrawal date of the first day of the session or later. Effective Fall 2016, financial liability for this fee follows the same schedule as tuition.
Academic Excellence Fee
The Academic Excellence Fee is mandatory for all SUNY students attending a University Center. The funds are used to provide resources necessary for maintaining quality academic and student success programs.  More information can be found here.