The World of Women's Leadership

Designed for women beginning their freshmen year at the University at Albany, who are interested in learning about women’s studies and women leaders.

As a member of the World of Women's Leadership Living Living-Learning Community, you will:

  • Live in a residence hall with other students interested women's issues, history, and leadership
  • Explore issues of women’s leadership through attendance at guest speaker presentations and by networking with women leaders 
  • Begin developing essential leadership skills applicable to any major
  • Meet junior and senior women from a variety of disciplines, who are involved in women’s leadership issues
  • Volunteer with the Women’s Resources Center and/or the Women’s Leadership Academy 
  • Meet representatives from relevant student clubs and organizations
  • Actively participate in L-LC events (guest speaker presentations, workshops, study groups, outings) in both the fall and spring semester
  • Participate in at least one community service project each semester
  • Take some of your classes together with other members of your L-LC
  • Form study groups for your L-LC classes
  • Have lunch with your professor on a regular basis

What members of Living-Learning Communities are saying:

“It was beneficial to live with people who had the same interests I had. It stopped the anxiety of feeling alone in large classes and gave me people to study with.” -L-LC Student, Class of 2014

“Working with the L-LC students was a real joy. They have enthusiasm and passion for being at UAlbany and are very open to ideas from professors and the upper-class mentors.” -Hon. Joe Sheehan, L-LC professor

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