Joint MSW/Ph.D. Program

The joint MSW/Ph.D. program allows qualified students without a MSW degree to earn two graduate degrees with just 83 credits (instead of the 96 required to earn the degrees separately). Students who complete the program can potentially gain licensure as an LCSW and work in practice settings as well as pursue careers in academia or research.


In order to graduate for the Joint MSW/Ph.D. program, students must:

  • Associate Professor in the School of Social Welfare, Blanca Ramos, addressing studentsHave a satisfactory record in all MSW/Ph.D. courses;
  • Complete at least two acceptable substantive courses outside the School of Social Welfare;
  • Complete satisfactorily the qualifying examination, including a doctoral essay;
  • Complete satisfactorily the pre-dissertation research requirement;
  • Submit an acceptable dissertation based on independent research.

To learn more about the program, email or call the School of Social welfare at (518) 442-5380.