First Year

In the first year of the MSW program, all the students, including those who are interested in IAP, will complete the generalist MSW curriculum. In addition to the regular MSW curriculum, IAP provides seminars on aging-related issues, which are open to the 1st year students and the wider community audience.

Second Year

In the second year, the IAP students will take a special curriculum with in-depth content on aging and services for older persons. The following is the specialization year curriculum:

Nikki and Richard reading to an elderly woman.

Clinical Curriculum

Third semester (fall)

Fourth semester (spring)

Macro Practice Curriculum

Third semester (fall)

Fourth semester (spring)

Advanced Standing MSW and IAP

Students applying to the Advanced Standing MSW program should contact the IAP staff to express their interest in the program even before they are formally admitted to the school. The course work for the summer semester would follow the usual MSW advanced standing curriculum and then the Fall and Spring semesters would follow the IAP requirements.

Part-time Students and IAP

If you are a part-time student, please contact IAP staff to determine if your schedule and courses will fit into the IAP curriculum.