Support the School - Other Funds

Other Funds, UAlbany-SUNY School of Social Welfare

Center for Excellence in Aging Services Innovation Fund
Established to support innovative project development, technical assistance and training to improve opportunities for successful aging in diverse communities.

OASIS Lifelong Learning – Discover More Fund
Established to support innovative approaches to lifelong learning for persons aged 50 and over.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
Established to encourage and recognize new innovations in volunteer opportunities for persons aged 55 and over.

Center for Social Work Practice Research
Established to foster research, grants, and public-private partnerships for evidence-based social work practice.

Global HEARTS Fund
Established to advance a research agenda addressing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). In addition, we will foster an integral response to ACEs through research that develops, informs, and builds Healthy Environments and Relationships for Support (HEARTS).