UAlbany School of Social Welfare Faculty and Staff

    Briar-Lawson, Katharine H.

    Dean Emeritus
    Phone: 518-442-5324

    Research Interests: Child and family welfare, poverty and unemployment, community collaboration and service integration

    Chan, Keith T.

    Assistant Professor
    Phone: 518-442-2589

    Research Interests: Acculturation, Immigrant Health and Elderly Asian Americans

    Claiborne, Nancy

    Director, Doctoral Program
    Campus Address: Richardson 220
    Phone: 518-442-5349

    Research Interests: Human service organizational functioning and change, as well as team building, collaboration and program evaluation.

    DeLaMater, Lisa

    Assistant Director of Field Education
    Campus Address: Richardson 113
    Phone: 518-437-3686

    Research Interests: Mental Health, Child Welfare, Early Intervention, Policy Development

    Ferretti, Lisa A.

    Research Assistant Professor
    Social Welfare
    Co-Director Center for Excellence in Aging & Community Wellness
    Executive Director of the Quality and Technical Assistance Center of NY
    Campus Address: Richardson 382
    Phone: 518-442-5832

    Fortune, Anne E. "Ricky"

    Associate Dean & Professor
    Phone: 518-442-5322

    Research Interests: Short-term Treatment and Social Work Education

    Griffin-Jenkins, Candi M.

    Assistant Dean, Student Services and Graduate Admissions
    Campus Address: Richardson Hall, 117
    Phone: 518-442-3797

    Research Interests: Youth development and leadership, program development, addictions counseling and trauma informed mental health care.

    Hardiman, Eric R.

    Chair and Associate Professor
    Phone: 518-442-5705

    Research Interests: Mental Health

    Hastings, Julia F.

    Assistant Professor
    Co-Director of the Research Training Core
    Center for the Elimination of Minority Health Disparities
    Campus Address: Richardson Hall
    Phone: 518-591-8751

    Research Interests: Health and mental health disparities among ethnic minority populations, African American mental health, welfare participation dynamics, and ethnic minority women’s health issues.

    Horton, Heather K.

    Associate Professor
    Phone: 518-442-5331

    Research Interests: Mental health, schizophrenia, deafness

    Jones, Lani V.

    Associate Professor
    Principal Investigator
    Campus Address: Richardson 211
    Phone: 518-442-5167

    Research Interests: Mental Health, Black Feminism and Therapy, Evidenced-Based Practice and Group Work

    Kazi, Mansoor

    Assistant Professor
    Phone: 518-442-5303

    Research Interests: Evaluation of human services in USA, United Kingdom and Finland

    Knight-Thomas, Dawn

    Assistant Dean for Student Academic Affairs
    Campus Address: Richardson 120
    Phone: 518-591-8769

    Research Interests: Student Services, Diversity and Inclusion

    Larkin, Heather

    Associate Professor
    National Center for Excellence in Homeless Services
    Campus Address: Richardson 209
    Phone: 518-591-8779

    Research Interests: Homelessness, adverse childhood experiences (ACE), Restorative Integral Support (RIS), mind/body/spirit interventions

    Lawrence, Catherine K.

    Assistant Professor
    Deputy Director
    Social Work Education Consortium
    Campus Address: Richardson 202
    Phone: 518-437-3692

    Research Interests: Public human services and the implementation of social welfare policies and programs.

    Lawson, Hal A.

    Campus Address: Richardson 212
    Phone: 518-442-5355

    Research Interests: Vulnerable children and families served by resource-strapped organizations such as schools and community agencies, located in challenging places—local, regional, national and international

    Lee, Eunju

    Assistant Professor
    Phone: 518-442-5773

    Research Interests: Child Welfare, Immigration, and Program Evaluation

    Lee, Wonhyung

    Assistant Professor
    Campus Address: Richardson 205
    Phone: 518-591-8788

    Research Interests: Community development; business district revitalization; ethnic enclaves; multicultural community organizing; spatial analysis and geographical information systems (GIS); social entrepreneurship.

    Loneck, Barry Martin

    Associate Professor
    Campus Address: Richardson 222
    Phone: 518-442-5340

    Research Interests: Development of statistical methods for analysis of psychotherapeutic process data. Treatment and prevention of substance use disorders.

    Lotmore, Alyssa

    Assistant to the Dean for Alumni Outreach and Engagement
    Campus Address: Richardson 112
    Phone: 518-442-5361

    Research Interests: Use of Media in the Social Work profession, School Social Work

    McCallion, Philip

    Distinguished Professor
    Center for Excellence in Aging & Community Wellness
    Campus Address: RI 383
    Phone: 518-442-5347

    Research Interests: System design work on creating aging prepared communities; dvaluation of the implementation of non-pharmacological interventions; development of innovative demonstration projects designed to maintain aging persons with intellectual disabilities in the community; increasing the reach of palliative care programs

    McCarthy, Mary L.

    Director and Co-Principal Investigator
    Social Work Education Consortium & National Child Welfare Workforce Institute
    Campus Address: 301 Richardson Hall
    Phone: 518-442-5338

    Research Interests: Child welfare, organizational culture and climate, implementation research, workforce focused practice and research

    Mertz, Linda K.P.

    Project Coordinator
    Internships in Aging Project
    Phone: 518-442-5327

    Research Interests: Geriatrics, Mental Health, Field Education

    Miller, Robert L.

    Associate Professor
    US-Africa Partnerships to Build Stronger Communities
    Campus Address: Richardson 214
    Phone: 518-442-5374

    Research Interests: The intersection of social work, spirituality and HIV disease. The interrogation of health disparities in sexual minorities who are people of color. Factors that undergird the provision of HIV-related social work services in sub-Saharan Africa.

    Pyles, Loretta

    Associate Professor
    Phone: 518-442-5152

    Research Interests: Community organizing, holistic pedagogy and practice, global justice, disasters, gender-based violence

    Raheim, Salome

    Social Welfare
    Campus Address: Richardson Hall Room 209
    Phone: 518-591-8779

    Research Interests: Integrative mind-body-spirit social work education; Micro and Macro interventions to promote social justice.

    Ramos, Blanca

    Associate Professor
    Phone: 518-442-5365

    Research Interests: Social Work Practice, Mental Health, Cultural Diversity, Cross-Culture Social Work and Immigrants

    Rio-Glick, Barbara

    Assistant Director of the Undergraduate Program
    Campus Address: Richardson 183
    Phone: 518-442-3488

    Research Interests: Domestic Violence

    Robin, Kenneth

    Phone: 518-591-8797

    Research Interests: Early childhood education, assessment, and program evaluation

    Rogers, Crystal

    Assistant Dean
    Campus Address: Richardson Hall Room 118
    Phone: 518-442-5320

    Research Interests: Social Work Education, Student Satisfaction

    Stevens, Sheri

    Director of Community Public Service Program
    Campus Address: Social Sciences 112
    Phone: 518-442-5683

    Research Interests: The CPSP builds the capacity of local organizations by providing the opportunity for undergraduates to serve their community as part of their academic program at the University of Albany and CPSP.

    Toseland, Ronald William

    Distinguished Professor
    Campus Address: RI217
    Phone: 518-442-5353

    Research Interests: Intervention Research, Randomized Field Trials, Gerontology, Group Work

    Urbaeva, Jildyz

    Assistant Professor
    Campus Address: Richardson 280
    Phone: 518-591-8795

    Warner, Lynn

    Interim Dean, School of Social Welfare
    Associate Dean of Research and Professor
    Campus Address: Richardson Hall
    Phone: 518-442-5324

    Research Interests: Disparities in access to and utilization of mental health and substance abuse services; racial-ethnic differences in behavioral health risk and protective factors

    Wheeler, Darrell P.

    Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
    Campus Address: University Hall 308
    Phone: 518-956-8030

    Research Interests: Individual and communal resiliency in HIV Prevention among African American and Black gay, bisexual, & transgendered communities. Social justice and social work practice in the areas of health and mental health disparities.

    Williamson, Estella

    Assistant Dean
    Field Education Office
    Campus Address: Richardson Hall 115
    Phone: 518-442-5334

    Research Interests: Field Education, Mental and Behavioral Health, HIV

    Wood, Starr A.

    Associate Professor
    Campus Address: Richardson 218
    Phone: 518-437-3680

    Research Interests: Trauma, Human Development

    Yu, Jiang

    Associate Professor
    Addictions Research Center
    Campus Address: Richardson 281
    Phone: 518-442-5093

    Research Interests: Alcohol and drug use disorder; substance abuse treatment service implementation and evaluation