Support the School - Current Initiatives

Top Priorities at the UAlbany-SUNY School of Social Welfare

To uphold its standard of teaching excellence and cutting-edge research into issues of social work, the School of Social Welfare needs your help to:

  • Attract top faculty. The School intends to establish endowed chairs and professorships in aging, child welfare, disabilities, women’s issues, domestic violence, health, mental health, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, social and economic justice, and community and public service.
  • Attract top students. This requires a significant expansion of scholarship opportunities
  • Expand research. Your gift can support a broader range of research and demonstration projects, which historically have led to groundbreaking policies, programs, and services replicated nationwide.
  • Preserve our space. The School’s classic Georgian-style buildings were constructed almost a century ago. We need your help to renovate these buildings for 21st-century teaching needs.