Social Welfare Non-Degree Programs at UAlbany-SUNY

Would you like to explore the field of social work before committing to the UAlbany-SUNY MSW program? Non-degree study options can help you do that-and give you a head start on the MSW coursework as well. You can also use non-degree programs to demonstrate your capability to do graduate-level work.

Current Non-degree Class Schedule

Current Non-degree Course Descriptions

(The course schedule for the Fall semester is typically available in mid-July; for the Spring semester, typically mid-November; for the Summer semester, typically mid-April.)

To apply for non-degree status:

Submit a non-degree application, official transcripts, and fee to the Office of Graduate Admissions. The application and fee payment form are available on the Graduate Education website.

Once you are authorized for non-degree study at the University, you are eligible to take courses for up to 2 years. There is no need to re-apply each semester.

When you have been accepted to non-degree study, you will receive an acceptance letter from the Office of Graduate Education, and information from the University about your personal identification number (PIN) and using MyUAlbany (the online student registration system).

In order to receive your remaining registration information you must request a seat in a course through the School of Social Welfare.

To request a seat in a course:

  1. Review the Non-Degree Class Schedule and Non-Degree Course Descriptions for the upcoming semester and choose 1 or 2 classes that you wish to take and meet the prerequisites for.
  2. Complete the MSW advising form.
  3. Send form to
  4. Form will be returned with Advisement Verification Number (AVN) within 3-5 days. The AVN is required to register.
  5. Register for any open section of approved courses.


Seats for non-degree students are limited. All requests are filled on a first come, first served basis. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response, as the process is not automated.

A non-degree student can take a maximum of 2 courses in Social Welfare per semester.

A maximum of 12 credits of graduate work taken at UAlbany as a non-matriculated student will automatically count toward the MSW degree if the credits fulfill MSW requirements at the time you matriculate and the courses were taken within 3 years of matriculation.

Non-degree students who receive a grade below “B” are not allowed to continue in the School of Social Welfare as a non-degree student.

Problems with personal identification numbers (PIN), or MyUAlbany should be directed to the Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk at (518) 442-3700 or go to for more information.

Questions about completing or submitting the non-degree application should be directed to the Office of Graduate Education at (518) 442-3980 or

Questions or problems with the AVN or SSW course should be directed to the School of Social Welfare Help Desk at (518) 442-5320 or

Click here to start the application process.