Honor Societies & Professional Organizations

Several student organizations at UAlbany-SUNY seek to raise awareness of specific issues, while others bring social welfare majors together in a supportive community. These groups include:

  • The Alpha Gamma Chapter of Phi Alpha is the academic honor society for social work majors in the undergraduate degree program. Requirements include GPAs of 3.25 overall and 3.5 for the first three semesters of Social Welfare courses.
  • The Association of Minority Affairs (AMA) is committed to fostering a climate that addresses the needs of minority students and helps them reach their educational goals. AMA assists the School in increasing the number of minority students, ensuring successful graduation rates of minority students, increasing awareness of cross-cultural issues among faculty and students, and developing networks to ensure that AMA's goals and objectives are met.
  • Queer Social Workers (QSW) aims to foster communication and collaboration, promote networking, and create a safe space for discussions of LGBT issues. In its efforts to promote diversity and fight for equality, QSW is also creating a broad-based network (faculty, staff, students, alumni, and School partners) to explore LGBT needs and resources.
  • The Social Welfare Student Association is committed to promoting the mission of the School and helping students reach their educational goals. Many students, staff, and faculty members have participated in and supported the Association's activities and events throughout the years.
  • The Association for Black Social Workers (ABSW) is dedicated to improving the social and health conditions of the black community through advocacy, human services delivery, and research. ABSW further seeks to be inclusive—extending membership to, and soliciting involvement from, all students in the School of Social Welfare, regardless of race or ethnicity.