Upstate KIDS

 Infant Development Screening Program

The Upstate KIDS (USK) Infant Development Screening Program is helping families across New York State track their baby's growth and development in the first three years of life. The objective of Upstate KIDS is to identify patterns in children's growth and development to achieve a better understanding of the causes of developmental differences in all children.

Families are contacted every few months for the first three years of their child's life. All Upstate KIDS documents can be completed at home by families and returned in the mail, in postage paid envelopes we provide. Screening tools will be completed to document each participating child's growth and developmental milestones (such as: sitting up, crawling, walking). Information provided to Upstate KIDS will be used to identify problems or setbacks in a child's development. Families will be provided quality care and services if developmental delays are found.