Student Poster Day

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Student Poster Day program represents the hallmark of what makes this School of Public Health a national leader in practice-based research and education. Each presentation represents countless hours of collaboration between faculty advisors, graduate students, and internship mentors, involving research that is focused not on theoretical constructs, but rather on urgent, real-world public health issues and concerns. More importantly, many faculty and former students have affirmed that there is an important exchange of energy and perspective in these collaborations which benefits and transforms both the faculty members and the students who participate in them.

The School of Public Health is proud to announce award winners from this year's 26th Annual Student Poster Day!

Delta Omega Abstract Competition

Yi Lu - Extreme heat adaptation resource awareness among post-partum women in New York State

Liza Powell - Use of Telephone Reminders to Increase CRC Screening Rates in the New York State Medicaid Managed Care Population

Biomedical Sciences

Excellence in Research at the Masters level: Ololade Thomas - Validation of a HIV-2 RNA viral load assay using droplet digital PCR

Excellence in Research at the Doctoral level: Richard Johnson - Chemical activation of adenylyl cyclase Rv1625c inhibits growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis on cholesterol and modulates intramacrophage signaling

Honorable Mention in Research: Sumayya Al Chalabi - LNCRNA AK001796 is Essential for the Survival of Aggressive Breast Cancer Cells

Environmental Health Sciences

Excellence in Research at the Masters level: Jillian Mertzlufft - Health Behavior Councilor for Camp Courage Childhood Intervention for at Risk Children in Albany County

Excellence in Research at the Doctoral level: Xioayu Fan - Downregulation of intestinal P450 enzymes in a mouse model of ulcerative colitis and the impact on P450-mediated drug metabolism

Honorable Mention in Research: Celeste Butts - Effects of maternal phthalate exposures on genitourinary anomalies differ by race

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Excellence in Research: Kathryn Joel - Mass Fatality Management Capabilities

Honorable Mention in Research: Carley Perez - An Evaluation of the Utilization and Effectiveness of Team Cluster Buster, NYSDOH Bureau of Communicable Disease Control’s Student Interview Team, 2016

Honorable Mention in Research: Brandon Vaeth - New York State Cancer Services Program Data: Trends and Outcomes of Colorectal Cancer Screening, 2007-2016

Health Policy and Management

Excellence in Research: Kathleen Lockwood - Implementation of the Providing Assistance and Support to Seniors in Transition (PASST) Program

Honorable Mention in Research: Elena Brondolo - Emergency Department Patient Boarding Experience Evaluation

Honorable Mention in Research: Shen Wang - Measuring Demand and Supply for Physician Assistants in New York

Social Behavior and Community Health

Excellence in Research: Charlene Bradt - Tiny Homes: An Alternative Supportive Housing Model for High-Need Medicaid Beneficiaries in New York State

Honorable Mention in Research: Alexis Lucero - Building Public Health Emergency Response training capacity through the Regional Healthcare Coalitions. The Psychological First Aid Demonstration Project

Honorable Mention in Research: Meg Sonnekalb - NYS WIC: Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program Evaluation

 Thank you to everyone who participated and made this year's Student Poster Day possible!

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