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Prevention Agenda: 10 Years of Public Health Live!

Originally presented on December 17, 2009

Introductions by
Richard Daines, MD
Former Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health

This special anniversary program will look at how Public Health Live! has advanced the goals of New York State Department of Health’s Prevention Agenda over the past ten years of its existence.  New York State Commissioner of Health, Dr. Richard Daines will describe the Agenda and its importance to the health of New York residents. This program provides an overview of the priority areas and goals of the Agenda and hones in on specific targeted priority areas such as chronic disease and physical activity. These priority areas will be represented in exciting clips from Public Health Live! broadcasts over the past decade.  Overall, this program will celebrate the success of New York State in delivering public health awareness and successful public health practice to program viewers throughout the state and beyond.


  • Name at least four priority areas of the Prevention Agenda.
  • Describe Public Health Live’s role in promoting the Prevention Agenda.
  • Explain two types of organizational collaboration that promotes facets of the Prevention Agenda.


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