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Responsible Fatherhood

Originally presented on June 18, 2009

Kenneth Braswell
Fatherhood Initiative
New York State Office for Temporary and Disability Assistance

The health of men is an important factor in determining the well being and stability of a community.  From a social determinant point of view, fathers/men with unhealthy lifestyles have an adverse impact on families and do little to promote positive youth development. Additionally, men of all races and socio-economic status are less likely to practice good health, visit health care providers, and take care of themselves.  If we are to attempt to improve community health, we must direct more focus on men’s health and responsible/positive fathering.

Program Objectives
After watching this broadcast participants will be able to:

  • Explain the impact of positive male parenting to build strong communities
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for men/fathers to contribute to the well-being of communities
  • Describe the model and best practices in the responsible fathering community

The planners, moderator, and presenters do not have any financial arrangements or affiliations with any commercial entities whose products, research or services may be discussed in this activity. 

No commercial funding has been accepted for this activity.