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Public Health Detailing:
Using the Pharmaceutical Sales Approach to Promote Public Health

Originally broadcast on March 20, 2008

Kelly Larson, MPH
Director, Public Health Detailing Program, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Local health departments can promote public health interventions through a program of planned visits to health care providers' offices. This program will provide practical tools from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's Public Health Detailing Program, which is modeled on the pharmaceutical sales approach. Program Director Kelly Larson will describe the visit process, the action kits left with providers, evaluation data, and lessons learned, focusing on the program's Contraception and Nurse-Family Partnership campaigns.


  • Explain the rationale and goals of the health care provider office visit approach, and cite evidence of its effectiveness
  • Describe the training and material development required to prepare for an effective public health office detailing program
  • List the components of a typical outreach campaign and describe what occurs at a typical office visit
  • List at least 2 key challenges encountered by the NYC program, and how they were addressed
  • List at least 2 sources for more information on office detailing