American Indian Public Health Disparities: Regional Differences in Health

Originally webcast February 21, 2013

Donald K. Warne, MD, MPH

Director, Master of Public Health Program, North Dakota State University

This broadcast will address a number of relevant topics surrounding public health disparities and American Indian populations.  Specifically, this broadcast will include a brief review of current American Indian Health Policies and a discussion of disparities that exist in health resources for American Indians.  Dr. Warne will also review key health disparities that exist among and between American Indian populations as well as regional differences in health.  Finally, Dr. Warne will present policy and program strategies intended to reduce the existing disparities.

After watching this broadcast participants will be able to:

  • • Describe American Indian (AI) Health Policy
    • Identify AI Health Resource disparities
    • Describe key health disparities and regional differences
    • Discuss social determinants of health
    • List policy and program strategies to reduce disparities

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