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Food Safety

Originally presented on February 18, 2010

Dale Morse, MD, MS

Assistant Commissioner
Office of Science
New York State Department of Health

This program will examine the changing nature of foodborne outbreaks and the changing nature of outbreak epidemiology. This includes a look at the shifting scope of food distribution, the scope of outbreak occurrence, and changes in the scale of contamination. While foodborne diseases have always existed in the food supply, modern-day approaches to food production and distribution influence the scale of foodborne outbreaks. As outbreaks become more complex, the nature in which outbreaks are mitigated has also changed. Outbreak epidemiology calls for collaborate efforts among public health, government, and clinical entities in order to identify the source of foodborne outbreaks and prevent the spread or reoccurrence of such outbreaks.

Learning Objectives
After watching this webcast participants will be able to:

  • Describe the process of identifying the source of a foodborne outbreak.
  • Explain the collaborative effort of agencies in monitoring and mitigating foodborne outbreaks.
  • Summarize challenges associated with food safety epidemiology.