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GIS 2012

Creating Maps with

April 25 - Training Class
1:00pm - 3:30pm - Free
Trainer: Mike Zdeb
For more information contact: Mike Zdeb, msz03@albany.edu

Maps can be created with SAS by using either SAS/GIS or the GMAP procedure, one of the procedures available within SAS/GRAPH.  This class will first show you how to use the GMAP procedure to create four different map types:  choropleth, prism, surface, and block.  The class will then concentrate on creating choropleth maps, maps that represent data values as combinations of pattern and color that fill map areas.
Once you understand how to create a map, you will learn how to customize the output of GMAP using an annotate data set and also be introduced to some methods of producing web-based maps.

You will also learn:  how to add links to maps that allow a user to click on a map area and then get more information about map data; how to convert shapefiles into SAS map data sets; how to use the data set SASHELP.ZIPCODE to do location maps; how to use PROC GINSIDE to determine the geographic area (zip code, census tract, place, etc.) for given locations.

Please note that you should have some knowledge of basic SAS concepts (data sets, libraries, formats, etc.) if you attend this class.  You need not have any knowledge of SAS/GRAPH.

This workshop is supported by the New York State Department of Health and grants from the Centers for Disease Control Environmental Tracking and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Brownfield Programs.

This project is supported under a Cooperative Agreement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Award Number 5U90TP000404-02. The contents of this program do not necessarily represent the official view of the CDC.

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