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Public Health Live - T2B2

ABC's of FASD: What are Fetal Alcohol     Spectrum Disorders and How Can We     Prevent Them (6/05)
Achieving Health Equity through Policy,     Systems and Environmental Changes
Addiction: Occupational Hazard for Nurses (10/08)
Addressing Hospital Acquired Infections in     NYS: Improving Patient Safety (9/10)

AIDS: 25 Years Later
Alzheimer's Disease A Public Health Update (7/07)
Body Modification (12/09)
Building Healthy Communities through     Universal Design (2/10)
Cancer Updates (7/06)
Childhood Asthma (5/04)
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention (9/09)
Childhood Obesity (6/04)
Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes: Identification and Intervention (11/08)
Communicating Across Cultures (10/04)
Countering Anti-Vaccine Myths (11/03)
Connecting Children and Families to Health     Care Coverage (1/08)
Creating Health Equity through Social     Justice     (2/03)
Creating Walkable Communities (4/00)
Crisis and Risk Communication (4/04)

Diabetes Prevention: Keeping our Eyes on     the Prize (6/10)
Disability and Health: Implications for Public     Health Practice (1/09)
Eliminating Health Disparities (2/09)
Emergency Preparedness: What's Your     Competency (3/02)

Empowering Survivors: Dealing with the     Trauma of Rape (1/04)
Ethics in Public Health
Environmental Exposure: Covering the     Basics (9/07)

Family Health History in Primary Care and     Public Health (3/10)
Fish Advisories (3/06)
Food Safety (2/10)
Genomics and Public Health: Where are We     Now and Where are We Going?
Geriatric Mental Health (06/07)

H1N1 Influenza Pandemic Retrospective     (7/10)
Health Interventions for Immigrant and     Migrant Populations (1/10)
Health Literacy

HIV Prevention Targeting Men "Living on     the Down Low" an Effective Strategy for     African-Americans? (9/05)
Home Visiting: Getting Kids off to a Good     Start (6/08)
Human Health Effects of Lead (11/07)
Immunization of Newborn Close Contacts
An Integrated Approach to Chronic Disease     Prevention: Steps to a Healthier NY     (2/05)
Integrated Pest Management:
    The Big Picture
Latino Migrant and Immigrant Health     (11/05)
Lost Boys: From Childhood Sadness to     Adolescent Violence (11/00)
Keeping the Winter Layer Off:Evidence     Based Interventions (1/05)

Managing Chronic Hepatitis B (5/09)
Men's Health (7/09)
Oral Health in Children
Outbreak! Mumps (4/10)
Palliative Care (3/10)
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Veterans     (11/09)
Preventing School Violence
(2/07) Preventing Teen Pregnancy (2/04)
Prevention Agenda: 10 Years of Public   Health Live! (12/09)
Prison and Jail Health (1/07)
Protecting your Vaccine: Protecting your     Patients (8/10)
Potable Water: A Public Health Issue (3/04)
Public Health and Public Policy (11/06)
Public Health Detailing (3/08)
Public Health Nursing (5/07)
Public Health and the Uninsured (12/05)
Public Health Works (3/07)
Rabies...When You Have to Be Right     100% of the Time!(4/05)
Replenishing the Well: Self-Renewal for     Public Health Workers (10/01)
Responsible Fatherhood (6/09)
School-based Health Centers (9/03)
Shoe Leather Epidemiology (3/05)
"Smart Growth" and Public Health (12/01)
Strong Bones for Life: An Update on Osteoporosis (5/06)
Social Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
Successful Aging (06/06)
Teen Depression and Suicide (09/06)
Think Fresh! Partnerships for Promotion of     Vegetables and Fruits in Low-Income     Communities (3/03)
Tobacco Control & Prevention (11/04)
TV Watching and Childhood Obesity (1/06)
Type 2 Diabetes and Children (7/04)
Unlocking the Door to Understanding Our     Target Audiences: Tobacco Control     (11/01)
Vaccine Acceptance (10/09)
Walking to School (9/08)
West Nile Virus (5/03)
Who, What, When and How: Implementing      the Chronic Disease Self-Management     Program in Your Community (6/08)

Women's Health Grand Rounds

Advancing Quality Health Care for a     Culturally Diverse Female Population:
    A Cultural Competency Education     Initiative for Obstetrician-     Gynecologists
Breast Milk and Breastfeeding for NICU     Infants (8/03)
Breastfeeding and Obesity (8/05)
Breastfeeding: A Vital Emergency Response
Clinical Breast Examination (4/02)
Colorectal Cancer (3/03)
Folic Acid Update for Healthcare     Professionals     (10/03)
Maternal Depression & Breastfeeding    (8/07)

Folic Acid Update for Pharmacists (11/03)
Making Breastfeeding the Norm: Social    Marketing (8/08)
Oral Health during Pregnancy and Early    Childhood (11/07)
Ovarian Cancer 2006 (6/2006)
Preconception Care (2/03)
Promoting Breastfeeding-friendly Hospital     Practices (8/10)
Promoting Breastfeeding in Minority     Communities & in the Workplace (8/04)
Starting the Healing Process: Providing     Comprehensive Examinations on People     Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted     (4/05)
Social Marketing: Making Breastfeeding the Norm (8/08)

Chronic Disease Grand Rounds

Clinical Breast Examination (4/02)
Colorectal Cancer (3/03)
Diabetes Epidemic: Preventing the Preventable     (3/04)

Healthy Schools Approach: Type 2 Diabetes in Children (9/05)
Poison Prevention for Older Adults (6/07)
Preventing Unintentional Poisonings (4/07)




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