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Many of our past broadcasts are distributed on video. Those marked with # are available from the Public Health Foundation.


Childhood Asthma (5/04)#
Childhood Obesity (6/04)#
Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication
Emergency Preparedness: What's Your
    Competency (3/02)#
Ethics in Public Health (11/02)#
Lyme Disease (5/02)#
Potable Water: A Public Health Issue     (3/04)#
Promoting Lead Poisoning Prevention     Activities (7/02)#

Public Health Response to Smallpox     (1/03)#
Social Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
Think Fresh! Partnerships for Promotion of     Vegetables and Fruits in Low-Income     Communities (3/03)#
Type 2 Diabetes and Children (7/04)#
Tobacco Control & Prevention (11/04)#
West Nile Virus (5/03)#

*All past T2B2 broadcasts are available for state and local health departments to borrow from NYSACHO.

Women's Health Grand Rounds

Breastfeeding Grand Rounds '04 (Minority     Communities; Workplace)#
Breastfeeding Grand Rounds '03 (NICU     Infants)#
Breastfeeding Grand Rounds '02     (Environmental Contaminants)
Breastfeeding Grand Rounds '01     (Supplements;Surgeon General's     Blueprint)
Breastfeeding Grand Rounds '00 (Mothers     and Babies at Risk; Managed Care)
Breastfeeding Grand Rounds '99 (Maternal     Medications and Medicinal Herbs)
Breastfeeding Grand Rounds '98     (Breastfeeding Emergencies;     Contraception)
Breastfeeding Grand Rounds '97     (Anatomy and Physiology; Best     Practices)
Clinical Breast Examination (4/02)
Emergency Contraception & Unintended
Folic Acid Update for Healthcare     Professionals (10/03)
Folic Acid Update for Pharmacists (11/03)
Maternal Mortality: Obstetric Emergencies &     Reproductive Risks Associated with     Chronic Disease (1/03)
Preconception Care (2/03)

Chronic Disease Grand Rounds

Clinical Breast Examination (4/02)
Colorectal Cancer (3/03)
Diabetes Epidemic: Preventing the     Preventable (3/04)



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