Certificate Programs

The School of Public Health offers the following graduate certificate programs:

Certificate in Public Health Fundamentals and Principles (Fully online program offered through the Blackboard Learning System)
Certificate in Public Health Surveillance and Preparedness (admission is currently suspended)
Certificate in Health Disparities

The Public Health Certificates prepare students for the continuously changing challenges in the field and acknowledge the emerging need for creative educational modalities in public health.  They may be used as a first look at public health or to further enhance one's understanding of the complexities of the field.

The Certificate in Public Health Fundamentals and Principles program is offered entirely online.  Students who complete the Certificate in Public Health Fundamental and Principles may apply these courses to a degree at the University at Albany's School of Public Health and must:

  • Maintain a cumulative G.P.A of 3.0 or higher while pursuing the certificate;
  • Complete the courses within five years of application to the degree program;
  • Fulfill the admission requirements of the desired degree program at the time of application.

Course waivers can be obtained only through prior approval.  There is a transfer credit limit of one course (3 credits).  Students must complete a Request for Transfer of Credit to a Graduate Program form.

Tuition assistance is available for local county health department and New York State Department of Health employees enrolled in the Certificate in Public Health Fundamentals and Principles ONLY through the Public Health Management Leaders of Tomorrow (PHLOT) program.

For more information on the certificate programs, contact the School of Public Health Office of Admissions.