In 2006, the Public Health Leaders of Tomorrow (PHLOT) Program was established to revive the field of public health through initiatives aimed at both current public health professionals and students at the University at Albany's School of Public Health. 

With support from Senator Kemp Hannon, Chairman of the NYS Senate Standing Committee on Health and the NYS DOH, the PHLOT program provides numerous opportunities designed to strengthen the current public health infrastructure in New York State in addition to training the next generation of public health leaders. PHLOT provides funding for State and Local Health Department (LHD) employees to seek training opportunities through academic coursework, as well as offering leadership development activities, advanced training in public health practice and tuition assistance to current students at the University at Albany preparing for public health careers in NYS government.

Continued support of the PHLOT program from the NYS DOH, the New York State Senate, and the University at Albany helps ensure that the public health needs of NYS residents are addressed and protected by a highly trained and competent public health workforce.

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