Internship Forms

Registration Form:

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The student, mentor and faculty advisor should sign, prior to the start of the position, the Registration Form which will serve as the learning contract for the position.  This provides a basis for the mentor's evaluation of the student, your evaluation of the internship experience, and the faculty advisor’s monitoring of student progress.  Substantial changes to the initial learning contract should be amended with a revised project description if warranted.  Project descriptions should include an outline of the following:

  • Project Background and Goals;
  • Student’s Role in Project;
  • Expected Student Outcomes and Deliverables;
  • Project Duration and Scheduling Considerations; and,
  • Plan for achieving a basic application of the MPH Internship Interdisciplinary/Cross-cutting Competencies.  (Several skills in most competency areas should be addressed.) 

One-Month Review:

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You are required to arrange a formal meeting with both your mentor and advisor to review internship progress to date.  An in-person meeting is ideal but a teleconference is also acceptable if necessary.  During this meeting, your completion of the One-Month Review Form should be reviewed and discussed.  At this time, any changes to the original internship plan can be resolved and should be described with an amended project description.  The mentor will also have the opportunity to complete a brief questionnaire regarding your progress.  This paperwork must be signed by you, your mentor and faculty advisor.

Oral Presentation:

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The oral presentation is the student’s opportunity to share the highlights of their internship experience with the mentor, faculty advisor and host organization colleagues. Students presenting are expected to provide a professional and engaging discussion of the major competencies and achievements, activities, and results of his/her internship experience. Power point slides should be provided to your faculty advisor one week prior to your scheduled presentation for approval.  Faculty advisors should also be invited to attend or listen via teleconference to the presentation.  The date and mentor evaluation of your formal presentation is incorporated into the Mentor Evaluation (Form IV).  

The oral presentation should follow the format described below, and is limited to 20 minutes, 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for a question and answer period.  The time limit will be strictly enforced and prompts will be given when the deadline is approaching.  Students are advised to rehearse their presentation beforehand to ensure that the timing is appropriate.

The presentation should incorporate the following information:

  • Objective(s) of the internship
  • Method(s) used to achieve the objective(s)
  • Results of the internship
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • An indication of any coursework that was particularly useful to you in completing the internship.
  • A demonstrated knowledge of public health principles and practice and how they applied to the internship experience.
  • A discussion of the primary internship competency areas, how they were attained, and the professional and academic value of the internship experience.

In addition to the above, the student’s oral presentation will be evaluated on several criteria including the following:

  • Student’s description of the objectives of the internship project
  • Student's speaking style and use of audiovisual materials
  • Organization and clarity of the presentation
  • Helpfulness of the one-page summary in explaining how the internship achieved the discipline-specific and interdisciplinary/cross-cutting competencies for MPH Internships
  • Student’s satisfactory response to questions from the audience
  • Student’s adherence to guidelines for the timing of the presentation

Students doing internships in laboratories or research institutions should pay special attention to describing the public health implications of the project.  The student will receive a summary of comments and an overall rating of the presentation.  A copy of the "Evaluation of Presentation" form is included in this handbook.

Final Internship Report:

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The faculty advisor and internship mentor are responsible for approving the final written report. You should first submit a draft of your final paper to your mentor for review and allow ample time to receive feedback and make necessary revisions.  After obtaining mentor approval, submit the paper to your faculty advisor for review and approval.

The MPH internships are presented to the Council on Education in Public Health as the capstone experience of the MPH degree program.  As such, the final internship paper should be held to this high standard.  The final paper is required in addition to any final deliverables involved in the internship position (including papers being submitted for publication).  Papers should, on average, be approximately 8 to 10 pages in length.   

The final internship report should discuss the following:

  1. The organizational unit where the internship took place, its primary mission, and its relationship to the overall organizational structure (explanation of services provided, program/public health objectives, populations targeted etc.).
  2. Specific duties performed within the context of the organization and the field of public health.
  3. Assigned projects (outline of the issue, methods used to define and address the problem, results, discussion and recommendations). Copies of relevant materials developed during the field placement, e.g., draft or final reports, surveys, questionnaires, etc. should be attached.
  4. Skills applied during the experience in the context of the MPH Internship Discipline-specific and Interdisciplinary/Cross-cutting Competencies.  For each identified competency, specific examples of how the internship provided an opportunity to attain that objective should be included.
  5. Previous coursework and/or professional experience utilized during the experience (also noting additional coursework or skills that would have been helpful).
  6. Self-assessment of performance and overall contributions made to the organization.
  7. Analysis of ways in which the internship experience helped to clarify or alter career goals.

Mentor Evaluation:

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This is completed by your mentor and reviewed with you & your advisor for signature and submission to the Dean’s Office.  Your mentor will provide a final grade based on your performance throughout the internship experience.  While the mentor’s evaluation is considered to be the main source of input for assigning a passing or failing grade, your faculty advisor and the Dean’s Office may also contribute to the decision.  The final internship report also contributes to the overall course grade as described above.

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The evaluation is an opportunity for you to provide an open and honest assessment of your internship experience, internship mentor, and your faculty advisor.  Feedback provided in this evaluation will remain confidential. Your feedback may be used to guide development of future internship placements but will remain anonymous.  Your comments should reflect thoughtful consideration of your experience and relevant criticisms or shortcomings of the experience should be presented in a constructive manner.