MS Student Testimonials

Below you will find testimonials submitted by current Environmental Health Science MS students who were willing to share their educational experiences here at Albany:

Anthony DeJulio - MS Student
Mentors: Dr. Liaquat Husain and Dr. Vincent Dutkiewicz 

I recently graduated from Siena College in Loudonville, New York. I chose to further my educational journey here at the School of Public Health, University at Albany. I am involved in a collaborative research effort with a focus of determining the atmospheric burden of elemental or black carbon in the Arctic Region. Black carbon in the atmosphere strongly absorbs sunlight contributing to global warming and melting of arctic glaciers.
I am part of an elite team that has been conducting extensive field campaigns are various sites throughout the world. This once-in-a lifetime opportunity has allowed me to work with well-known and experienced scientists in an effort to improve our understanding of black carbon on air pollution, global warming and the public health. This past summer, I have prepared and analyzed black carbon concentrations in archived filters collected from Kevo, Finland, in order to assess its impact on arctic glacier melting. This will be the first long-term direct measurement of atmospheric black carbon burden in the arctic region in the world.  


Justin Truax- MS Student
Mentor:  Dr. Ellen Braun-Howland

The Masters of Science in Environmental Health Science program has met and exceeded the expectations that I had set for it coming into this program, and school.  Not only is the program preparing me for a career in the environmental sciences, whether it is technical or analytical; it is helping me to develop better critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in any career opportunity.  As of now, my research has focused on the optimization of an IMS/ATP assay which targets potentially pathogenic fecal bacteria, such as E.coli and Enterococcus, in recreational waters.

Daniel Malashock- MS Student
Mentor: Dr. Haider Khwaja

I am a MS student studying Environmental Health Science. Together with Dr. David Carpenter, and my advisor Dr. Haider Khwaja, I am investigating the adverse health effects associated with short-term exposure of air pollution in ambient air in Karachi, Pakistan.