P. Bryon Backenson, M.S.

SUNY Assistant Professor
Department of Epidemiology and BiostatisticsB. Backenson

NYS Department of Health

Research Scientist; Director, Investigations and Vector Surveillance Units,
Bureau of Communicable Disease Control

Empire State Plaza, Corning Tower Room 651
Albany, NY 12237

Phone:  518-473-4439
Fax:  518-474-7381
E-mail: bryon.backenson@health.ny.gov                                                                


M.S.--Epidemiology, University at Albany School of Public Health, 1996.

Research Interests:
Infectious disease epidemiology, particularly arthropod-borne diseases.  Risk communication.  Public health education.

Co-teach Infectious Disease Epidemiology (EPI 605).  Lecture in the Zoonoses (EPI 625), Medical Entomology (BMS 552), Emerging Infectious Diseases (BMS 557), Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences (EHS 590) and undergraduate Introduction to Public Health (SPH 201) courses.

Selected Publications and Presentations:
Anda P, W Sanchez-Yebra, M del Mar Vitutia, E Perez Pastrana, I Rodriguez, NS Miller, PB Backenson, and JL Benach.  1996.  A new Borrelia from patients with relapsing fever in Spain.  The Lancet  348: 162-165.  Editorial: Epidemiologic surveillance for detecting atypical Lyme disease.  Same issue, pp. 141-142.

Garcia Monco JC, NS Miller, PB Backenson, P Anda, and JL Benach.  1997.  A mouse model of spirochetal meningitis induced by its natural route of infection.  J Infect Dis  175: 1243-1245.

Oteo JA, P Anda, PB Backenson, M del Mar Vitutia, JC Garcia Monco, I Rodriguez, and E Chaparro.  1998.  Use of the C3H/He Lyme disease mouse model for the recovery of Borrelia garinii from erythema migrans lesions.  Res Microbiol  149: 39-46.

White DJ, LD Kramer, PB Backenson, G Lukacik, G Johnson, J Oliver, JJ Howard, RG Means, M Eidson, I Gotham, V Kulasekera, S Campbell, the Arbovirus Research Laboratory, and the Statewide West Nile Virus Response Teams.  2001.  Mosquito surveillance and polymerase chain reaction detection of West Nile virus, New York State.  Emer Infect Dis  7: 643-649.

Rogers DJ, MF Myers, CJ Tucker, PF Smith, DJ White, PB Backenson, M Eidson, LD Kramer, B Bakker, and SI Hay.  2002.  Predicting the distribution of West Nile fever in North America using satellite sensor data.  Photogrammetric Engin & Remote Sensing  68: 112-114.

Kogut SJ, MA Prusinski, CD Thill, JH Lee, PB Backenson, JL Coleman, M Anand, and DJ White.  2005.  The first evidence of local transmission of Babesia microti in upstate New York. Emerg Infect Dis. 11:476-478.

Eidson M, K Schmit, Y Hagiwara, M Anand, PB Backenson, I Gotham, and LD Kramer.  2005.  Dead crow density and West Nile virus monitoring, New York.  Emerg Infect Dis.  11:1370-1375.

Drummond CL, J Drobnack, PB Backenson, GD Ebel, and LD Kramer.  2006.  Impact of trap elevation on estimates of abundance, parity rates, and body size of Culex pipiens and Culex restuans (Diptera: Culicidae).  J Med Entomol.  43:177-184.

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Ngo KA, JG Maffei, AP Dupuis, EB Kauffman, PB Backenson, and LD Kramer.  2006.  Isolation of Bunyamwera serogroup viruses in New York State.  J Med Entomol.  43:1004-

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Knust B, A Macneil, SJ Wong, PB Backenson, A Gibbons, PE Rollin, and ST Nichol. 2011. Exposure to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus, New York, USA. Emerg Infect Dis. 17:1324-1325.

Khatchikian CE, M Prusinski, M Stone, PB Backenson, IN Wang, MZ Levy, and D Brisson. 2012. Geographical and environmental factors driving the increase in the Lyme disease vector Ixodes scapularis. Ecosphere. In press.

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