Environmental Health & Disaster Preparedness 


Annamarie Bokelmann, MS 
Lecturer TAMUS Health Science Center 
School of Rural Public Health 
Texas A&M University

Co-sponsored by the USA Center for Rural Public Health Preparedness at the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Rural Public Health.  This program will focus on the potential impact on environmental health services during disasters, and the steps of disaster management before, during and after an event. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the EPA Risk Paradigm 
  2. Discuss the impact of environmental disasters on human health and welfare 
  3. Determine how to minimize the impact of an environmental disaster through effective preparedness and management strategies 
Public Health Preparedness Core Competencies 

Domain 1:  
1.4 Maintain situational awareness
1.5 Demonstrate respect for all persons and cultures

Domain II: 
2.2 Use principles of crisis and risk communication

Domain III:
3.1 Contribute expertise to a community HVA
3.2. Contribute expertise to the development of emergency plans

Domain 4: 
4.2 Employ protective behaviors

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Capabilities 

Capability 1: Community Preparedness 

Capability 4: Emergency Public Info

Capability 14: Responder Health and Safety

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