Igor Zurbenko, Ph.D.

SUNY Professor, Biostatistics
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Dr. Zurbenko

School of Public Health, SUNY
One University Place GEC
Rensselaer, NY 12144-3456  

Phone: (518) 402 - 0393
Fax: 518-402-0380
E-mail: izurbenko@albany.edu                     

Doctor of Probability and Statistics (DrPS), 1980, Moscow State University, (Special Postdoctoral Degree awarded for internationally recognized Scientific Achievements).    
Ph.D. in Statistics, 1971, Moscow State University.   
M.S. in Statistics, 1970, Moscow State University.  

Courses Frequently Taught:   Intensive lecturing was provided on the following subjects: General probability and statistics, Time series in a time and frequency domain, Spectral analysis, Advanced time series, Multivariate analysis, Linear methods, Nonparametric statistical inferences, Survival analysis, Markov chains and Brownian motions, Sample survey, Models in Biology, Environmental statistics, Models in Epidemiology, Signal processing, Stochastic processes, Computer methods of simulations.  

Research Interests:      
Apply Time series and Spatial data analysis, computational algorithms for the discovery breaks in the data and special image reconstruction. Applications in environmental pollutions, climate, social and economic data, health and biomedical data. Parametric and nonparametric data analysis, multivariate analysis, spectral analysis.  

Selected Publications:    
I.G. Zurbenko, The Spectral Analysis of Time Series, North-Holland Series in Statistics and Probability, 1986, 248pp.   Zurbenko I., Porter, P. S., Rao, S. T., Ku, J. Y., Gui, R., Eskridge, R. E. Detecting discontinuities in time series of upper air data: Development and demonstration of an adaptive filter technique, Journal of Climate. Vol.9, No.12, December 1996, p. 3548-3560.  

Zurbenko I.,Rao S.T.,Henry R. Mapping Ozone in the Eastern United States, Environmental Manager, 1995, 1, 24-30.   Zurbenko I. Robust spectral estimations of nonstationary and noisy processes, Plenary lecture at IEEE Signal Processing Int. Conference, ATHOS, Spain, UPC 1995,209-214.  

G.DiRienzo, I.Zurbenko, Semi-Adaptive nonparametric spectral estimation, Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, V.8, No1, 41-59,1999.  

Zurbenko I., Porter. P.S., Construction of high-resolution wavelets, Signal Processing, vol. 65 issue 2, 1998, 315-327.  

Rao S.T., Zurbenko I.G., Neagu R., Porter P.S., Ku J.Y., Henry R.F. Space and Ti Scales in Ambient Ozone Data, Bulletin of American Meteorological Society, Vol.78, No.10, October 1997, 2153-2166.  

P.S.Porter, S.T.Rao, I.G.Zurbenko, A.M.Dunker, G.T.Wolff, Ozone Air Quality Over North America, Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, Vol.51, 273-306, 2001. 

R.Gerby, L.Close. I.Zurbenko, Optimization of Effectiveness of Profiling System, Proceedings of Hawaii International Conference on Statistics and Related Fields, Honolulu, 2002.  

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Wei Yang, Igor Zurbenko, A Semi-Adaptive Smoothing Algorithm in Bispectrum Estimation, Proceedings Annual ASA conference, Seattle, 2006. Proceedings of the American Statistical Association [CD-ROM], Alexandria, VA.