Environmental Chemistry Faculty

The following is the full list of our Environmental Chemistry faculty.

Track Coordinator:

Xianliang Zhou, PhD, Dalhousie University (1988)
Deployment and development of techniques for the measurement of organic and inorganic atmospheric trace species. 
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Katherine T. Alben, PhD, Yale University (1976)
Chemistry of drinking water; natural and anthropogenic organic compounds in aquatic organisms, rivers, lakes and wetlands.
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Kenneth M. Aldous, PhD, Imperial College, University of London (1970)
Instrumental methods of analysis of environmental pollutants.
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Ilham AlMahamid, PhD, Paris-Sud University (1990)
Assessment of human exposure to radioactive isotopes.

Liang T. Chu, PhD, Princeton University 
Atmospheric chemistry; kinetics and mechanisms of atmospheric reactions; reactions on ice and salt surfaces.
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Kurunthachalam Kannan, Ph.D., Ehime University, Japan (1994)                                                                                                                                                kurunthachalam.kannan@health.ny.gov
Understanding global distribution, fate, and effects of organic pollutants in the environment and biomonitoring of human exposures. 
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Haider A. Khwaja, PhD, University of New Brunswick, Canada (l982)
Environmental Pollutants and Human Health.
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Michael Kitto, PhD, University of Maryland (1987)
Radon in water and air; atmospheric gas and particle pollutants radioactivity.
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Patrick J. Parsons, PhD, University of London (1983)
Trace-element analysis of biological tissues and fluids; analytical atomic spectrometry.
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Thomas Semkow, PhD, University of Washington (St. Louis) (1983)
Environmental radioactivity; ionizing radiation measurement, mathematical modeling.
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David Spink, PhD, University of Maryland (1983)
Effects of xenobiotics on the metabolism of drugs and steroid hormones.
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Buu Tran, PhD, Claude Bernard University (1993)
buu.tran@health.ny.gov                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Analytical chemistry of environmental pollutants, food toxins and drugs.

Lei Zhu, PhD, Columbia University (1991)
Kinetics and photochemistry of homogeneous and heterogeneous atmospheric reactions, new technique development, atmospheric application of cavity ring-down spectroscopy and its novel variant, and atmospheric application of time-resolved step-scan FT-IR.
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Adjunct Faculty:

John G. Arnason, PhD, Stanford University (1995)
Trace element and isotopic analysis of biological and environmental samples.

Robert Jansing, PhD, University of Houston (1975)
Identification of biomarkers of human exposure to environmental chemicals.                                     More Information

Liaquat Husain, PhD, University of Arkansas (1968)
Atmospheric transport of trace chemicals; acid rain.

Mirza M. Hussain PhD, University at Albany, State University of New York (1996)   mirza.hussain@health.ny.gov
Environmental pollutants and Health effects.

Christopher Palmer, PhD, University of Massachusetts (2001)
Determination of trace elements in blood and biological fluids; blood mercury speciation.

Susan Shaw, DrPH, Columbia University (1999)
Understanding the global distribution, effects and trends of persistent organic pollutants in marine wildlife and people.
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Kamal Swami, PhD, University at Albany, State University of New York (1984)
Method development and trace metals analysis of environmental samples. More information

Karl Yang, PhD, University of Connecticut (1998)
Use of novel analytical atomic spectrometric instruments and methodology in accurate determination of trace metals in complex environmental matrice.