David O. Carpenter, M.D.

Academic Appointment Title: 
Environmental Health Sciences

Secondary Academic Appointment:      
Adjunct Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, UA  

Center Affiliation: 
Director for the Institute for Health and the Environment   

Contact Information:
Department of Environmental Health Sciences
University at Albany, School of Public Health
Five University Place, Room A217
Rensselaer, NY  12144-3456

Phone Number:  (518)-525-2660
Fax Number:  (518)-525-2665
Email address:  dcarpenter@albany.edu

Harvard University 1964      

Courses Frequently Taught:
EHS 590 Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences
EHS 540 Principles of Radiation Sciences
EHS 515 Environmental Physiology
BMS 601 Introduction to Biomedical Sciences

Select Publications:
Sergeev AV and Carpenter DO (2010) Geospatial patterns of hospitalization rates for stroke with comorbid hypertension in relation to environmental sources of persistent organic pollutants:  Results from a 12-year population-based study. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int 18: 576-585.

Brown D, Goncharov A, Paul E, Simonin H and Carpenter DO. (2010)  The relationships between Adirondack lake pH and levels of mercury in yellow perch. J Aquat Animal Health. 22:280-290.

Gavidia T, Brune M-N, McCarty KM, Pronczuk J, Etzel R, Neira M, Carpenter DO, Suk WA, Arnold RG, Ha EH, and Sly PD (2010)  Children’s environmental health – from knowledge to action. Lancet 377:1134-1136.

Bushkin-Bedient S and Carpenter DO (2010)  Benefits versus risks associated with consumption of fish and other seafood. Rev Environ Health 25: 161-191.

Goncharov A, Pavuk M, Foushee HR and Carpenter DO for the Anniston Environmental Health Consortium (2010) Blood pressure in relation to concentrations of PCB congeners and chlorinated pesticides. Environ Health Perspect. 119:319-325.

Yilmaz B, Sandal S and Carpenter DO (2010) PCB 9 exposure induces endothelial cell death while increasing intracellular calcium and ROS levels.  Environ Toxicol.  In press. doi: 10.1002/tox.20676.

Sly PD, Arnold RG and Carpenter DO (2011) Environmental exposures in the era of climate change. Rev Environ Health 26: 1-4.

Carpenter DO (2011)  Health effects of persistent organic pollutants: The challenge for the Pacific Basin and for the World.  Rev Environ Health 26: 61-69.

Sergeev AV and Carpenter DO (2011) Increase in metabolic syndrome-related hospitalizations in relation to environmental sources of persistent organic pollutants.  Int J Environ Res Public Health 8:762-776.

Carpenter DO, Miller PK, Waghiyi, Welfinger-Smith G (2011) Environmental contamination of the Yupik people of St. Lawrence Island, Alaska.  J Indigenous Res In Press.