Health Policy and Management Faculty

Diane Dewar, (Ph.D., University at Albany, SUNY)
Associate Professor
Health insurance markets, health care utilization, economic evaluation of health policies and programs, medical technology assessments, critical care and chronic disease management.

Ricky C. Leung, (Ph. D., M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Assistant Professor
Health management, medical innovation, global health, transnational studies. 

Feng (Johnson) Qian, (Ph.D., University of Rochester, MSc, MBBS)
Assistant Professor
Patient-centered outcomes research, comparative effectiveness research, health care disparities, medical technology assessment, medical decision making, health care reform, global health.

Georges Potworowski, (Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Assistant Professor
Evidence-based management, change implementation, organizational capacity for change, indecisiveness and its implications for healthcare organizations and policy, primary care, mixed methods research, cognitive task analysis.

Wendy Weller, (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins)
Associate Professor, Chair
Care of children and adults with chronic conditions.

Yuchi Young, (DrPH, Johns Hopkins )
Associate Professor
Health services research, long-term care, successful aging, coordinated care, effects of rehabilitation on functional recovery following hip fracture, factors associated with preventable hospitalization among nursing home residents.

Emeritus Appointments at the UAlbany School of Public Health

Edward L. Hannan, (Ph.D.,M.S.,M.S.,F.A.C.C.)
Distinguished Professor
Health services research; evidence-based medicine; outcomes research; cardiac surgery; angioplasty, trauma systems; carotid endarterectomy; volume-outcome relationships in health care; medical decision-making; risk-adjustment; medical errors; patient safety.

Adjunct and Research Appointments 

Jing Li, (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Research Associate Professor

Paul Wing, (D. Engin., University of Berkeley California)
Adjunct Associate Professor. Deputy Director, Center for Health Workforce Studies, President, Planning and Research Services, and Executive Vice President, Continuous Learning Corporation.
Information systems, performance assessment, strategic planning.

Joint Appointments

James Fossett, (Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Joint Associate Professor, Public Administration and Policy
Medicaid policy and access to primary care.

Hayward Horton, (Ph.D.,Pennsylvania State University, M.A.)
Joint Professor
Race/Ethnicity, rural sociology and demography.

Kajal Lahiri, Economics (Ph.D., University of Rochester)
Joint Professor
Efficiency and productivity measurement in hospitals and health centers, economics of caesarean section practices, economics of health and disability and health effects of smoking.

Erika Martin, (Ph.D., Yale University)
Joint Assistant Professor
Policy analysis methods, health policy and politics, infectious disease policy, substance abuse policy, resource allocation, policy diffusion, federalism

Clinical Appointments (Assistant, Associate, Full) 

Arash Alaei, (M.D. Isafahan University of Medical Sciences)
Clinical Associate Professor

Kamiar Alaei, (M.D. Isafahan University of Medical Sciences, Dr.PH, SUNY Albany)
Clinical Associate Professor

Edmund Altone, (J.D., John Marshall Law School, M.P.H., M.A., SUNY Albany)
Clinical Associate Professor

Nancy R. Barhydt, (Dr. Ph., Columbia University)
Clinical Associate Professor.

James B. Crucetti, (M.D., George Washington Univ. of Medicine; M.P.H., Johns Hopkins)
Clinical Associate Professor. Commissioner of Health, Albany County Department of Health.

Marjorie Geiger, (M.P.H., Columbia University)
Clinical Associate Professor
Patient safety, emergency medical services, health care financing

Ivan Gotham, (Ph.D., SUNY Albany)
Clinical Associate Professor

Jason A. Helgerson, (M.P.P University of Chicago)
Clinical Associate Professor

David Hoffman, (M.Ed., Springfield College C.C.E.)
Clinical Associate Professor. Director, Bureau of Community Integration and Alzheimer's Disease, NYSDOH.
Management of programs related to public health efforts regarding cancer control, screening and education; diabetes prevention and control; disease genetics, cystic fibrosis; dementia; and various other chronic diseases, conditions and risk factors.

John G. Justino, (M.S., Georgetown University)
Clinical Associate Professor. Deputy Director, Center for Global Health, University at Albany School of Public Health.

Jayanth V. Kumar, (D.D.S., Bangalore. M.P.H. Johns Hopkins) 
Clinical Associate Professor. 

Peter J. Millock, (J.D., Harvard)

Clinical Associate Professor. Partner and member of the Health Services Practice Group at Nixon, Hargrave Devans & Doyle law firm. Health law and regulation, affiliations among health care providers and privatization of government providers.


Jean Moore, 

Clinical Associate Professor. Center Director, The Center for Health Workforce Studies.

Theodore D. Peters, (Ph.D., SUNY Albany)
Clinical Associate Professor. Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.
Human resource management: performance appraisal, recruiting, retention, selection, strategic management, total quality management, continuous quality improvement, training and development. Marketing: consumer decision-making behavior, strategic decision-making behavior and outcomes. Organizational behavior: decision-making, leadership, motivation, organization development, organizational humor.

John Rugge, (M.D., Yale University)
Clinical Associate Professor.
Clinical practice through Hudson Headwaters Health Network and Glens Falls Hospital. Executive leadership as CEO of Hudson Headwaters Health Network, which operates 11 community health centers delivering primary and specialty care to rural, medically-underserved populations in the Adirondacks.

Mary Jane Schneider, (Ph.D. University of California)
Clinical Associate Professor.
Public health education and communication of scientific information.

Joseph Schulman, (M.D., University of Pennsylvania)
Clinical Associate Professor.
Clinical informatics. NICU and pediatric inpatient performance.

Carol Whittaker
Clinical Associate Professor.
Public health management and leadership, the history of public health, global health.

Dwight Williams, (M.S.W., Rutgers University) 
Clinical Professor
Director, Health Development Fellowship Management Program. 
Planning and policy development, program implementation and evaluation, public health leadership development.