Master's program in Inclusion and Special Education

quoteOne of the beauties of teaching is that
there is no limit to one's growth as a teacher;
just as there is no knowing beforehand
how much your students will learn.
-- Herbert Kohl

This program, which may be completed full-time or part-time, is designed to provide those with certification in Childhood Education (1-6) and Teaching Students with Disabilities the opportunity to complete an approved program that will allow them to make their initial certifications professional. Students in the Inclusion and Special Education program complete advanced special education courses and a series of electives in reading and educational psychology. They plan and execute a small research project in education as their capstone experience.

What Graduates say about the the Program in Inclusion and Special Education:

"I would really like the other teachers in my building to do an in-service with you because I believe they would love it. Thanks for everything."

Program Requirements
30 credits
Evening course work

Appropriate Applicants are Individuals with …
Initial certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities at the Childhood Level and Childhood Education (1-6)
undergraduate average of 3.0 or better

Certification Earned:
Professional Certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities at the Childhood Level (1-6), Childhood Education (1-6)

Application Deadline: See graduate admissions

How to Apply

  • Complete the application at
  • Submit transcript and 3 letters of recommendation, including at least one from someone who has observed you teach
  • Submit a copy of your teaching certification(s) and NYS teacher examination scores. Those who are still completing their teacher preparation program at the time of application may submit their NYS Teacher Certification examination scores, and must submit proof of teaching certification by September 1st.
  • Complete the Departmental Statement of Purpose and Questionnaire (Special Education Data Sheet and Written Statement) at

Inclusion and Special Education
Typical Program

Courses typically offered in SUMMER
ESPE 653
Managing School and Classroom-wide Student Behavior (3)
OR other ESPE course approved by advisement
Select ONE Educational Psychology Course
(EPSY 502, 521, 540) OR other EPSY course approved by advisement (3)
Courses typically offered in FALL
EPSY 531 or EPSY 530
Understanding and Teaching Scientific Inquiry and Basic Data Analysis (3)
ESPE 651
Developing Reading Comprehension and Content Knowledge for Students with Disabilities (3)
ESPE Elective 650, 655, 656, 669 or other by advisement
Select ONE Reading course
ERDG 625, ERDG 504, ERDG 615, ERDG 638 (3)
Courses typically offered in SPRING
ESPE elective 669 or other by advisement
ESPE 652
Math and Inquiry Instruction for Students with Disabilities (3)
Select ONE Reading course
ERDG 625, ERDG 504, ERDG 615, ERDG 638 (3)
EPSY 680
Research Project in Educational Psychology (3)

Please note: The Inclusion and Special Education program is in the process of being revised. The content on the website reflects the current programs, so may not reflect the revised programs that will be in effect once the revised program is approved.