Degree Level: MS

Department: Educational Policy and Leadership

School or College: School of Education

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Program Curriculum: http://www.albany.edu/graduatebulletin/special_education_literacy_dual_ms_degree_67credits.htm

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  Fall Spring Summer
Priority Review Deadline Not Available
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Mar. 15
Departmental Assistantship Consideration Not Available   Not Available   Not Available  
No Departmental Assistantship Consideration Not Available   Not Available   May 1


Special Notes: NY State Certification program. This program is not available to international applicants. Full consideration will be given to applicants who apply by the Priority Review Deadline. No prior certification required. Must have a major, minor, or concentration in one of the liberal arts and sciences. Please visit the Division of Special Education website for information regarding additional enrollment requirements. A minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA is required as well as GRE test scores for admission.  The GRE is just a portion of the overall admission package and a lower score does not mean an automatic denial if the other elements of the application are strong.  The Department considers all evidence during admissions.  Please contact Dr. Saddler, the Director of the Division of Special Education, if you have questions or concerns about the GPA requirement. The department will also accept the following exams in lieu of GRE: edTPA, GMAT, Miller's Analogies, or Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators. Please contact the Pathways Into Education Center (518-442-3529) with questions regarding the entrance exam requirement.

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