Major in Sociology at SUNY Albany

Undergraduate Study in Sociology

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Russell Ward

Director of Undergraduate Studies: James Zetka

A Message from the Director of Undergraduate Studies: James Zetka

Faculty members in Sociology are nationally recognized for their scholarship, receiving numerous awards for research and service, and the Department is consistently ranked among the top programs in the country. This website offers more information about faculty research and achievements. We are certainly proud of those accomplishments. However, we are equally proud of our undergraduate program. Sociology is a growing program, now the 3rd largest major in the College of Arts & Sciences with more than 600 majors and numerous students who have double majors and minors in Sociology. As part of a recent program assessment, a team of external reviewers concluded that we offer an “admirable program” to undergraduates. Nearly a third of the faculty has received the University’s Excellence in Teaching Award.

Our Sociology majors are important to us. We care about the quality of the education that they receive while here. The curriculum offers breadth and flexibility, facilitating student choice to tailor coursework to individual interests and goals. The coursework we offer is supplemented by a variety of other options-- including internships, independent study, and an honors program-- that enable students to further explore their interests. The curriculum and related programs are described in more detail on this website. We also care about the opportunities that are available to students after graduation. Students are advised by individual faculty members, to assist them in using the program to address their needs and pursue their goals. Over the years our graduates have gone on to law school, business and industry, medical school, and government employment at the federal, state, and local levels, And, of course, some go on to graduate school in sociology and related disciplines.

We invite you to explore this website to learn more about us and our program. And we welcome you to our department and to our community of sociologists.