Department of Sociology

Alumni Spotlight


Marcia Tolive graduated from SUNY Albany with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Business administration in 1981.  She now owns and operates the highly successful El Loco Mexican Café (465 Madison Ave., Albany).   Marcia feels that her education in Sociology has been invaluable as an entrepreneur who works with and encounters diverse populations every day.  Ideas from Sociology have helped her to manage employees from different backgrounds, socio-economic levels, education levels, age groups, ethnic groups, religions, sexual orientations and to then take a motley group of people and create a productive, fun and caring workplace. 

Alumni Pic

Marcia Tolive, El Loco Mexican Café (owner/operator)

Marcia also recognizes many similarities between the fields of Sociology and Marketing and uses both in running her business.   However, whereas Marketing primarily seeks to understand human behavior in order to influence or manipulate consumers, Sociology allows for more focus on social change and social justice.  The knowledge Marcia took away from majoring in Sociology has helped her create a non-exploitive workplace and run a just business for over twenty-six years.