Sociology Student Achievements


Dissertation Research

Recent Sociology PhD Recipients



  • Erica Hunter, “Creating Meaning in Engagement: Gender, Heterosexuality, and Commitment To Marriage"
  • Gabriel Aquino, “Puerto Rican Intermarriages: The Intersectionality of Race, Gender, Class and Space"
  • Jeanine Hanna, “More Than A Gender Issue: Intergrating Race Into the Analysis of Work-Family Balance Among Dual-Earner Couples”
  • Paul T. Knudson, "Metropolitan Fragmentation VS. New Regionalism and the Evolving Nature of Metropolitan Governance: An Analysis of Growth Politics and Policy in the Capital Region of Upstate New York"
  • Brian S. McKenzie, "Transit Access and Labor Market Outcomes Across Segregated Neighborhoods"


  • David P. Armstrong, “Community-Level Crime Control: A Closer Look At The Mediating Variables of Social Disorganization Theory"
  • Tamas Bodor, “Explaining The 2004 Exit Poll Error As A Product of Response Bias And Not Fraud: A Comparison of the 'Spiral of Silence' and 'Political Ambivalence'”
  • Miao Chunyu, "A Comparative Study of Chinese And Mexican Immigrants' Economic Incorporation In The United States"
  • Edward R. Cole, "Radical Localism In The Network Society"
  • China Layne, "Losing The Competition: A Multilevel Analysis of Over-Education in the United States, 1971-2006"
  • Jeremy Pais, “Multiethnic Labor Markets and Socioeconomic Mobility: A Career Trajectory Perspective"
  • E. Sean Rintel, “Novice Couples Coping With Network Trouble in Personal Videoconferencing: Managing the Intersection of Interaction and Technology in the Collaborative Achievement of Conversational Continuity”
  • Daniel Santore, "Individualized Intimacy? The Negotiation of Self and Other In Heterosexual Relationships"
  • Tamara L. Smith, "Adult Grandchildren Providing Care to Frail Elderly Grandparents"
  • Karen Ivette Tejada-Pena, "Building Political Habitus: A Case Study of Salvadoran's Political Experiences in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area"
  • Jacqueline Villarrubia-Mendoza, "El Coyote Made a Detour: An Analysis of the Socioeconomic Incorporation Processes of Hispanic Immigrants in New Destinations; A Case Study of Newburgh and Poughkeepsie, NY"


  • Joseph F. Sullivan, “Learning to Compute: Computerization and Ordinary, Everyday Life"
  • Marios H. Agrotes, “Gender-Role Attitudes and Related Behaviors of The Greek Women of Cyprus in 1978”
  • Laura A. Bunyan, "Modern Day Mary Poppins: Uncovering the Work of Nannies and the Expectations of Employers"
  • Paul M. Denvir, "Physician-Patient Communication About Patients' Sexual Activities And Substance Use: Information Exchange On Potentially Delicate Matters"
  • Joleen R. Loucks, "Adult Children's Experiences Following Mid To Late Life Parental Divorce"


  • Astrid Eich-Krohm, “From Temporary to Permanent? A Qualitative Study About Settlement Decisions of German Professionals and Their Families on Assignment in the U.S."
  • Minjeong Kim, “Gendering Marriage Migration and Fragmented Citizenship
    Formation: ‘Korean’ Wives, Daughters-In-Law, and Mothers From the Philippines.”
  • Randolph Hohle Jr. , "Symbolic Citizenship, Ethical Practice, and the Body: Competing Political Projects in the Black Civil Rights Movement 1954-1968."
  • Shannon Monnat, "The Color of Welfare Sanctioning: A Multi-Level Analysis of the Benefit Reductions & Case Closures Under Welfare Reform."
  • Hideki Morooka, "Acculturation, Socio-Economic Assimilation and Health among Asian Americans."
  • Peter Shrock, "Actual and Potential Harms in the Politics of Regulation: The Case of OSHA."
  • Roberto Velez, "Because History Does Not Allow Us... Collective Memory and the Articulation of Mobilization Narratives in the Antimilitary Movement of Vieques (1999-2003). "


  • Enobong Hannah Branch, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Black Women, A Century in the Bottom Class, 1860 - 1960."
  • Marcia Hernandez, " The Challenges and Rewards of Sisterhood: An Exploration of Women's Experiences in Black Sororities."
  • Jynette Larshus, " Tensions of Transformations in Snowboarding Culture: From lifestyle sporting activity to Legitimate Occupation."
  • Toni Lang, "Changing Maternal Profile and the Rise of Short Gestation and Low Birth Weight Rates in the United States Between 1981 and 2002"
  • Laura Mills, "Independent Consultants - A case study on a type of highly-skilled contingent labor"
  • Hyoung-jin Shin, "Intermarriage Patterns of New Immigrants: Understanding the Social Boundaries of Hispanic and Asian Americans."


  • James Dean, "Straight Trouble: Gendered and Racial Heterosexualities in the Context of Gay and Lesbian Visibility."
  • Jennifer A. Gunsaullus, "The "Condom Lady" Speaks - Female Sexuality Discourse and HIV Prevention in Community-Based Organizations."
  • Christopher Morett, "Work, Flexibility, Work Culture and Gender."
  • Michael Ostrowsky, "Extending Khantzian's Self Medication Hypotheses: An Examination of Low Self Esteem, Depression, Alcohol Use, Marijuana Use and Violent Behavior."
  • Benjamin Pearson-Nelson, "The Anatomy of a Homicide Epidemic: An Analysis of City Level Variation in Presence, Magnitude and Duration."


  • Dalia Abdel-Hady, "Immigrant Identities, Communities and Forms of Cultutal Expression: The Lebanese Dispora in Montreal, New York and Paris."
  • Michael Ayers, Debt and Dependency: Does Conditionality Really Harm
    Health Standards in Developing Countries.
  • Sunita Bose, "Consequences of Son Preference in India: A Contextual Analysis of Discrimination Against Daughters."
  • Evrick Brown, "Fried Chicken or Oxtail" An Examination of Afro-Caribbean and African-American Conflict in New York City."
  • Evan Cooper, "I Don't Get It" Culturally Intimate Humor and Its Audiences."
  • Melanie Hulbert, "Lessons From The Office: The Organizational Implementation of Work-Family Policies."
  • Kristina Knopf, "Providence, Presidents and the Press: Inaugural Rhetoric of Religion in a Historical Perspective."
  • C.N. Le, "Different Stripes of the Tiger: A Comparison of Assimilation Outcomes Between Vietnamese Americans and Other Asian American Ethnic Groups."
  • Omar Nagi, "Productivity Measures as a Source of the Displacement of Social Goals."
  • Kristen Stainbrook, "Reciprocal Relationships Between Formerly Homeless
    Mothers and Their Informal Social Supports."
  • Jacob Stowell, Does Immigration Beget Crime? Understanding The Direct and Indirect Impacts of Immigration on Violence
  • Gayle Sulik, "When Women Need Care: How Breast Cancer Survivors Cope with Being Care-Receivers."
  • Elena Vesselinov, "Housing Inequality in Sofia in the Era of Economic Globalization."


  • Mark Beaulieu, “Social Disorganization Revisited: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effects of Urban Residential Segregation on Crime”
  • Stephanie Bennett, “Fertility within Remarriage and Cohabitation”
  • Charles McCormick, “The Big Project That Never Ends: Role and Task Negotiation Within an Emerging Occupational Community”
  • Sandra McGinnis, “Child Well Being in Cohabiting Homes: A Study of Outcomes and Processes”
  • Andrei Streke, “Meta Analysis of Adolescent Community Based Drug Prevention Program Evaluations”
  • Jennifer Tice, “Harnessing Organizational Change: The Effect of Four Elements on Organizational Outcomes”
  • Wenquan Zhang, “The Secondary Migrations of Mexicans and Chinese”


  • Bridget Anderson, "Whites & Their Neighbors: Trends, Explanations and Neighborhood - Level Outcomes of White Residential Segregation, 1970-1990"
  • Shaio-Yun Chiang, “Achieving Mutual Understanding: Compensatory Communication Strategies in The Interactions Between Non-native Teaching Assistants and US College Students”
  • Bridget Fitzgerald, “Atheists in the United States: A Qualitative Interview Study”
  • Rachel Kaplan, “The Mediating Influence of Family Processes on the Relationship Between SES and Delinquency: An Elaborated Model”
  • Heather Laube, “Professional Goals and Political Commitments: Challenges for Feminist Academic Sociologists”
  • Eunju Lee, “Making It in America: Korean Immigrants in Small Business in the New York Metropolitan Area”
  • Chet Meeks, “Eros and Civil Society: The Sexual Politics of Differences in America (1969-1999)”
  • Limarie Nieves-Rosa, “Globalization and Gender: Exploring the Effects of Welfare Reform in Puerto Rico”
  • Deirdre Oakley, “Fallacies of the American Welfare State: The Enduring Community Response to the Needy-Homeless Shelters and Relief Shelters in New York City During the 1920’s and 1990s”
  • Anne Marie Popp, “Childhood Nutrition Assistance Program: An Organizational Analysis”
  • Brian Stults, “Social Threat and Benign Neglect: A Conflict Perspective on Racial Differences in Arrest”
  • Jeff Torlina, “The Meaning of Working for Working Class Men: Recasting the Image of Blue Collar Work”
  • Kristen Wallingford, “Markets, Networks and Identity: An Analysis of the Culturally Embedded Structure of Lesbian and Gay Businesses”


  • Robert Adelman, “Beyond the Ghetto: Black Middle-Class and Neighborhood Attainment”
  • Lori Collins-Hall, “Application of a Social Interactionist Perspective to Examine the Effects of Children’s Experience of Domestic Violence on the Development of Juvenile Delinquency and Substance Abuse”
  • Lynn Comerford, “Doing Co-Custody: Conceptualizing Parenting, Childhood and Citizenship in Light of State Intervention Practices”
  • Ya-Lin Liu, “Understanding Aging Service Use by Chinese Seniors: A Community-Based Study”
  • Gilbert Marzan, “Regional Variation in Socio-economic Status Among Mainland Puerto Rican Males: A Comparative Analysis”
  • Hui-Shien Tsao, “Career Mobility in an Age of Economic Restructuring: A Multi-level Analysis”


  • David Redmon, “Mardi-Gras: Cultural Deviance, Public Sexuality and the Body”