Recent Sociology PhD Recipients

Dissertation Research



  • Michael S. Barton , "Gentrification and Crime in New York City 1980-2009"
  • Carolyn Corrado, "White Noise: Negotiating Boundaries and Constructing Whiteness in Hip-Hop America"
  • Chris Galvan, "New Destinations Revisited: Explaining the Changing Geography of Immigrant Settlement"
  • Alex McClung, "Cultural Omnivores In Context: An Examination of Neighborhood Effects on Cultural Taste"
  • Brian McKernan, "Interactivity, Interdependence and Intertextuality: The Meaning of Video Games in American Civil Society"
  • P. Suzanne Pennington, "Making Sense of Mason Jars: A Qualitative Exploration of Contemporary Home Canning"
  • Geoffrey Lee Wood, "The Impact of Business Elite Cohesion on Public Policy Alternatives: A Comparative Examination of Banking and Telecommunication Legislation in the 1930's and 1990's"


  • Renee Overdyke, “Critical Mass in Context: An Analysis of Race/Ethnicity and Organizational Outcomes."
  • Jessica Singer, “Pay It Forward - The Effect of Social Support on Crime."
  • Lauren Porter, “Health Behind and Beyond Bars: Understanding the Link Between Incarceration and Health."
  • Lin Guo, “Migration and the Well Being of Left Behind Children In China."
  • Reese Kelly, “Borders That Matter: Trans Identity Management."
  • Paul Calarco, Jr., “Flowers in the Trenches: The Experiences of Women in the Landscaping Business."
  • Anna Ryan, “This Pipe's for You: A Qualitative Exploration of Glass Shop Owners' Networks, Legitimacy and the Glass Pipe Arts Movement."
  • Suzanne Macartney, “Neighborhood Contexts and Academic Achievement:An Analysis of Hispanic Children in Immigrant and Native-born Families"
  • Yue Zhuo, “Public Attitudes Toward Crime Control in Contemporary China: A Multilevel Analysis"
  • Jingsi Wu, “Entertainment & the Public Sphere: The Convergence of Popular Culture & Politics in China's Public Sphere & Cyberspace"
  • Matthew Vogel, “Impulsivity, Criminogenic Opportunity Structures, and Delinquency”
  • Elizabeth Schilling, "Leisure Throughout the Trajectory of Motherhood: A Life Course Approach"
  • Nicholas Pagnucco, "Qualified Instruction: Academic Worth and the Justification of Adjunct Work"
  • Kim Nazi, "The Information Ecology of Personal Health Record Systems: Secure Messaging as Catalyst and It's Evolving Impact on Use and Consequences"


  • Erica Hunter, “Creating Meaning in Engagement: Gender, Heterosexuality, and Commitment To Marriage"
  • Gabriel Aquino, “Puerto Rican Intermarriages: The Intersectionality of Race, Gender, Class and Space"
  • Jeanine Hanna, “More Than A Gender Issue: Intergrating Race Into the Analysis of Work-Family Balance Among Dual-Earner Couples”
  • Paul T. Knudson, "Metropolitan Fragmentation VS. New Regionalism and the Evolving Nature of Metropolitan Governance: An Analysis of Growth Politics and Policy in the Capital Region of Upstate New York"
  • Brian S. McKenzie, "Transit Access and Labor Market Outcomes Across Segregated Neighborhoods"


  • David P. Armstrong, “Community-Level Crime Control: A Closer Look At The Mediating Variables of Social Disorganization Theory"
  • Tamas Bodor, “Explaining The 2004 Exit Poll Error As A Product of Response Bias And Not Fraud: A Comparison of the 'Spiral of Silence' and 'Political Ambivalence'”
  • Miao Chunyu, "A Comparative Study of Chinese And Mexican Immigrants' Economic Incorporation In The United States"
  • Edward R. Cole, "Radical Localism In The Network Society"
  • China Layne, "Losing The Competition: A Multilevel Analysis of Over-Education in the United States, 1971-2006"
  • Jeremy Pais, “Multiethnic Labor Markets and Socioeconomic Mobility: A Career Trajectory Perspective"
  • E. Sean Rintel, “Novice Couples Coping With Network Trouble in Personal Videoconferencing: Managing the Intersection of Interaction and Technology in the Collaborative Achievement of Conversational Continuity”
  • Daniel Santore, "Individualized Intimacy? The Negotiation of Self and Other In Heterosexual Relationships"
  • Tamara L. Smith, "Adult Grandchildren Providing Care to Frail Elderly Grandparents"
  • Karen Ivette Tejada-Pena, "Building Political Habitus: A Case Study of Salvadoran's Political Experiences in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area"
  • Jacqueline Villarrubia-Mendoza, "El Coyote Made a Detour: An Analysis of the Socioeconomic Incorporation Processes of Hispanic Immigrants in New Destinations; A Case Study of Newburgh and Poughkeepsie, NY"


  • Joseph F. Sullivan, “Learning to Compute: Computerization and Ordinary, Everyday Life"
  • Marios H. Agrotes, “Gender-Role Attitudes and Related Behaviors of The Greek Women of Cyprus in 1978”
  • Laura A. Bunyan, "Modern Day Mary Poppins: Uncovering the Work of Nannies and the Expectations of Employers"
  • Paul M. Denvir, "Physician-Patient Communication About Patients' Sexual Activities And Substance Use: Information Exchange On Potentially Delicate Matters"
  • Joleen R. Loucks, "Adult Children's Experiences Following Mid To Late Life Parental Divorce"