University at Albany

Why Have Health Insurance?

Health insurance encourages students to seek needed medical treatment for potentially infectious diseases, for mental health treatment and medications, and for other conditions that could otherwise have serious consequences to themselves and others in the community

Student health insurance provides a level of safety to all students and to their peers.

UAlbany’s Decision to Require Health Insurance

The decision to require that full time UAlbany students have health insurance was made by University leadership in consultation with the University Senate and the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) in the fall 2011.

It was noted that even a visit to the Emergency Room of a hospital can cost between $200 and $1,000. After the visit, a student has follow-up physician visits, and testing, and sometimes even surgery. A very serious illness or injury can cost way beyond anyone's pocket book can afford (an average cost with in-patient hospitalization can be $15,000).

We then researched other major public universities that require their students to have health insurance, including the University at Buffalo, Binghamton University, and the SUNY-wide Mandatory International Student Health Insurance Plan.

UAlbany’s Plan: SHIP

UAlbany’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is both comprehensive and cost effective. Our premiums, for the benefits offered, are lower than at most other Universities.

The University understands that no insurance plan can meet every student's needs but we believe the plan which has been selected, after extensive consideration, will benefit our University community.