University at Albany

Important Dates Fall 2015

July 20

First Fall invoice includes SHIP charge for those undergraduates enrolled in 12 credits that did not submit a waiver, were not approved for a waiver or that elected coverage.

August 19

SHIP coverage begins

October 19

Deadline to submit SHIP waiver for the Fall insurance per hard waiver contractual agreement with United HealthCare (coincides with mid-term point on the Academic Calendar.)
Students who fail to waive out by this date will

  • Automatically be enrolled in SHIP
  • Have no option to cancel the Spring insurance enrollment
    • UAlbany has no ability to accept late waivers
  • Be responsible for the Fall insurance charge of $468

October 30 

Full time undergraduate students that did not waive out by deadline and were automatically enrolled in the plan will receive an email directing them to this website to create an account and print an insurance card.


Contact the University Student Health Services by email at