University at Albany

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the University move to a hard waiver system?

Am I required to have insurance?

Who must carry health insurance?

Why do I have to have insurance?

I'm a full time undergraduate, do I have to enroll in UAlbany’s SHIP?

I’m a full time undergraduate (registered for 12 or more credits), but am already covered by my parents’ insurance. What do I do so that I won’t be billed for SHIP?

How soon after I register for the semester can I submit my waiver?

How do I enroll or waive the UAlbany SHIP?

Is there an alternative to submitting my waiver/enrollment online?

Is it possible for me to verify that my waiver was accepted online?

Will a confirmation email be sent to the student after the waiver is completed?

What is the deadline for filing a waiver or application for enrollment?

What happens if I fail to waive or accept the student insurance?

Do students need to opt out every year or is this a one-time requirement?

When do I pay the premium for my insurance?

I have SHIP. How do I obtain Health Insurance coverage for my dependents through UAlbany SHIP?

If I obtain acceptable alternative insurance and want to cancel my enrollment in SHIP, how do I proceed and what are the guidelines?

Can I see any medical provider or use any pharmacy I want with this insurance?

Do I need a referral from UAlbany Student Health Services to receive medical care from private (non-UAlbany Student Health Services medical providers) physicians?

Is the UAlbany SHIP compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

Who is the health insurance carrier for the University SHIP?

Can graduate students or part time undergraduates enroll in SHIP?

Will I receive an insurance card once enrolled?

What if I lose my student health insurance identification card?

Where can I send additional questions?

What if I can’t afford this Health Insurance plan, do I have any other options?

Since I have the UAlbany SHIP plan, can I expect all my medical bills to be completely covered?

What if i'm Studying Abroad?

Will I need to complete a waiver for SHIP?

If I purchase the HTH insurance to study abroad for the fall semester, will this allow me to waive out of the SHIP insurance?

If I purchase the HTH insurance for the fall, can I purchase the SHIP for the spring semester?

If I have SHIP in the fall but want to use HTH in the spring, will I be able to waive out of SHIP in the spring?

For any questions not answered above, please contact us here.