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Franklin Wilson,
Criminology and Criminal Justice
Indiana State University






Announcement from the JCJPC Editor:


The Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture is currently undergoing reconstruction of editorial staff, website and overall goals for the future of the journal. Due to the increasingly large number of submission it was determined that a new editorial structure needed to be established and the journal website and submission standards needed to be modernized. JCJPC was the first journal of its kind, starting over eighteen years ago and has subsequently been recognized as a highly respected peer-reviewed journal. Therefore, in an effort to maintain the prestige of the journal we have decided not to accept additional submissions until the new editorial staff, website etc. are up and running. We are in the final stages of editing our Kickoff issue to be published this summer. We will begin accepting submissions in August of 2015.

Franklin T. Wilson, Ph.D.

Current Issue:

  Volume 17, Issue 1 (2010)