GSA Constitution

Criminal Justice Graduate Student Association Constitution

Article I: Preamble

The Criminal Justice Graduate Student Association has been established to address the needs and advance the best interests of University at Albany Criminal Justice graduate students. The rules governing its operation are provided in this Constitution and accompanying Election Procedure/Guidelines.

Article II: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Criminal Justice Graduate Student Association of the University at Albany, hereafter referred to as the CRJGSA.

Article III: Purpose

The purposes of the CRJGSA are to identify and protect the rights of School of Criminal Justice graduate students, to advocate their interests, and to enhance the social, academic, and collegial environment of the School of Criminal Justice.

Article IV: Membership

Section 1: Members
All currently enrolled graduate students in the School of Criminal Justice at the University at Albany are entitled to membership in the CRJGSA and shall be deemed members of the organization unless they state in writing that they do not desire membership.

Article V: CRJGSA Assembly

Section 1: Responsibilities
The CRJGSA Assembly shall act as the legislative body of the CRJGSA. It shall be responsible for approving the budget; developing, approving, and adopting policy of the CRJGSA; and relaying information from the CRJGSA to members and other interested persons.

Section 2: Membership
The CRJGSA Assembly shall be made up of 13 members: (a) President, (b) Vice President, (c) Treasurer, (d) two Advanced Representatives, (e) two At-Large Representatives, (f) two Second-Year representatives, (g) two First-Year representatives and (h) two Masters representatives.

Section 3: Meetings
The CRJGSA Assembly shall conduct meetings at least once each month during the Fall and Spring semesters. Each meeting shall be publicly announced no less than one week in advance. All meetings shall be open to all members of the CRJGSA. All members present in person at the meeting may vote. There shall be no votes by proxy. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the Assembly. Meetings of the CRJGSA Assembly shall be chaired by the President, and in the Presidents' absence, the Vice President. Should neither be able, then the Treasurer shall act as chair.

Section 4: Removal
The CRJGSA Assembly shall have the power to remove from office any CRJGSA office holder, upon proof of financial impropriety, gross negligence or gross misconduct, while performing duties related to his/her office.
When a question of removal is brought before the CRJGSA Assembly, the CRJGSA Assembly shall vote on whether to investigate.
Alternatively, any CRJGSA member, upon reason to believe that there is evidence to remove any officer holder may require a removal investigation by petition signed by at least 20 CRJGSA members and submitted to the CRJGSA Assembly.
All removal proceedings shall be open to all CRJGSA members. No officer shall be removed without the concurrence of two-thirds of the CRJGSA Assembly members.
If any officer is removed though this process a special election will be held elect a new individual to the vacant position.

Article VI: CRJGSA Assembly Executive Officers

Section 1: Term of Office
Officers shall serve one year beginning June 1, except First-Year representatives, who shall serve from their election in the Fall Semester until the ensuing election for First-Year representatives.

Section 2: Elections
General elections for the President, Vice President, Treasure, two Advanced Representatives, two At-Large Representatives, and two Second-Year Representatives shall be held during the Spring Semester. General elections for the two First-Year Representatives and Masters representatives shall be held during the Fall Semester not later than October 1.

Section 3: Executive Officers Special Duties
The President has the power to call special sessions of the CRJGSA Assembly. The President shall appoint CRJGSA members to committees.