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Name Phone Room Email
Alan Lizotte, Dean 442-5214 219A alizotte@albany.edu
James Acker 442-5317 221B jacker@albany.edu
Frankie Bailey 442-5237 204 fybailey@albany.edu
David Bayley (Emeritus) 442-5630 222B dbayley@albany.edu
Shawn Bushway 591-8738 209C sbushway@albany.edu
Andrea Kordzek (Lecturer) 591-8740 220 akordzek@albany.edu
Megan Kurlychek 591-8736 209A mkurlychek@albany.edu
Colin Loftin 442-5216 210C cloftin@albany.edu
David McDowall 442-5225 223B dmcdowall@albany.edu
Cynthia Najdowski 591-8786 210B cnajdowski@albany.edu
Graeme Newman 442-5223 223A gnewman@albany.edu
Dana Peterson 442-5711 203 dpeterson@albany.edu
Justin Pickett 442-5224 225A jpickett@albany.edu
Greg Pogarsky 591-8755 222A gpogarsky@albany.edu
Allison Redlich 442-4217 208 aredlich@albany.edu
Hans Toch (Emeritus) 442-5228 206 htoch@albany.edu
Heather Washington 591-8737 209B hmwashington@albany.edu
Alissa Worden 442-5213 225B aworden@albany.edu
Robert Worden 442-5217 221C rworden@albany.edu

Adjunct Faculty

David Clark Ph.D. (1988) University at Albany
Stephen Hogan J.D. (1986) University of Notre Dame Law School
Dennis McCarty Ph.D. (1985) University at Albany


Secretary to the Dean
  Michele Fox 442-5214 219 mfox@albany.edu
Student Services Secretary
  Kathleen Cummings 442-5210 220 kcummings2@albany.edu
Assistant to the Dean for Budget and Personnel
  Andrea Lawrence 442-3349 218A alawrence@albany.edu
Assistant Dean for Online Teaching and Learning
  JoAnne Malatesta jmalatesta@albany.edu
Assistant Dean
  Diana Mancini 591-8730 220B dmancini2@albany.edu
Student Services Coordinator
  Stacey Zyskowski 442-5207 220A szyskowski@albany.edu
Director of Development for the School of Criminal Justice
  Michael Boots mboots@albany.edu

Utilization of Criminal Justice Statistics Project

  Kathleen Maguire, Co-director 442-5615

Emeritus Faculty

Fred Cohen LL.M. (1961) Yale University
David Duffee Ph.D. (1973) University at Albany
Robert H. Hardt Ph.D. (1964) Syracuse University