The Student Portfolio Forms

We recognize the need to provide all of our instructors with a set of forms that can be used in conducting their research classes. The forms listed below were authored by Sue Holt, at our behest, and copyrighted by the Research Foundation of State University of New York. We invite you to use these files along with your own locally generated forms, or in place of them. Before making them available we had several experienced Science Research in the High School instructors examine them for accuracy and readability. We have also had several SR graduates examine them and they were well received by all. Please look them over carefully. Use what works for you and don't bother with the rest. Feel free to alter them to your local needs and copy them in any quantity you see fit, for as long as you wish. The only condition that we make is that you not reproduce any of these files, altered or as they are, for the purpose of selling them. Click on any of the forms in the following menu to download the form in rich text format (rtf). These files can be opened in any of the common word processors regardless of platform.

Suggestions for changes, additions, and corrections are accepted and should be addressed to Len Behr or Dan Wulff. We are both, of course, available if you or your administrators have any questions about the ownership or permission to copy any of this material.

With best regards,

Leonard Behr Program Administrator
Science Research in the High School
UHS Offices Bio. 001
The University at Albany
Phone: 518/672-5516

  Dan Wulff - Program Director
Science Research in the High School
Biology l26
The University at Albany
Phone: 518-442-3390



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